According to Russian media, a businessman considered the “owner of Vyborg” Aleksandr Petrov, 61, was found dead Saturday night in his villa. The man had been shot in the chest.

47Newsin According to information received by Petrov, Petrov had arrived at his villa in the municipality of Säkkijärvi from four on Saturday. The plot is located in the small village of Tapiola on the Russian side.

The businessman had already asked his service staff in advance to have the sauna department ready.

Saying Petrov went to the river bank to cool off several times. At half past six, the man was outside chilling again when the sniper’s shot ended Petrov’s life. The shot hit the heart directly.

Petrov’s security guard called the police at 5:40 p.m. The first unit of the administration arrived at the scene at 19.00.

According to preliminary investigations, at the time of the death, the villa had no people other than Petrov other than a sauna heater and a security guard. Based on this information, a sniper suspected of being on duty on the opposite bank of the river is suspected of being Petrov’s murderer.

The Russian media believes that this is a massacre in which the killer has been aware of Petrov’s sauna routines.

Police are looking for a rifle at the scene in case the murderer left it there, but no weapon was found.

Son of Alexander Petrov Vitali Petrov is a former F1 driver who competed in the royal class of motorsport for the seasons 2010-2012.

The boy was scheduled to serve on the jury of the Portuguese GP, but he left the wash because of grief news.

Sources: 47News, Fontanka

The name of the victim was corrected from the first sentence of the article at 12.45.