Short godê is the piece you need in your closet in the summer!

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Watch this trend because you will fall in love! Summer 2021 is coming with stylish bikinis and fresh looks, but you still don’t know which item to invest in? THE Purepeople has a tip: short godê. The difference of this piece is the excess of cloth that creates a round shape, resembling a skirt. With a well-defined waist and wide model, the item enhances curves and gives the impression of a guitar silhouette. The fashion of ruffled short in Brazil started in the carnivalesque look of Marina Ruy Barbosa and has already been adhered to by several fashionistas. Check details!

Why bet on short godê?

Short godê is different from what we are used to seeing on the streets of Brazil, but there is no reason to be prejudiced against the piece. The high waist sharpens the region and shapes the body, creating interesting curves. If you choose a shorter cut, the item brings a sexy touch to the production. The look can still be part of an elegant look, if used with finer fabrics and fashionista combinations, but it also makes up a fresh and casual footprint, which is the face of the hottest temperatures.

Short or bulky godê short: which to invest?

Short godê is known for its expansive and broad modeling. Adopt this volume in casual looks, as it brings a fashionista look to the look. You can even wear a short, low-cut length for a sexy and cheerful mood. In contrast, the fairer pieces maintain this fashion opening without overdoing it, which can be a solution for a low profile mood.

Short godê jeans is in fashion and promises to hit the street style

Write it down: the short godê jeans is an investment in summer 2021 fashion! The lighter washes do not leave the looks of fashionistas. However, there is no need to limit yourself to this trend. Models in leather, tailoring and quilted fabrics are also part of this fashion. The ideal is to find the look that best suits the occasion. Just like in the nail art universe, keep an eye on natural and organic tones. If you want to play with the pattern, invest in stripes and florals, but in moderation, ok?

How to combine short godê? Check out the styling tips

The short godê is a basic piece and easy to combine. However, because it is more voluminous, some combinations can gain a touch more fashionista than others. The most classic combinations with this model are basic blouses, printed t-shirt or button shirt. But it doesn’t end there! It is worth including a sweater, more bulky top, crochet piece or puffed sleeve to the production. So, are you going to bet?

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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