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Ivanka Trump speaks benevolently about her father on Twitter. For that she has to take harsh criticism.

The news of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNtech about an effective corona vaccine gives people worldwide hope. Ivanka Trump, 39, is also happy – and attributes the medical success to her father Donald Trump, 74.

“Our President has once again defied the expectations of the ‘experts’ and achieved his ambitious goal of having a safe and effective vaccine for the American people by the end of this year! Made a promise, kept promise!” she writes on Twitter. In addition, Ivanka posted an online article from “ABC” News “published in May. Title: “Trump promises vaccine by the end of the year, but his own experts are dampening expectations.”

Shitstorm for Ivanka Trump

Under the tweet, readers react indignantly, horrified and angry at Ivanka’s praise. “You know who is responsible for a vaccine? THE SCIENTISTS WHO DEVELOPED THE VACCINE”, writes one user, bringing the tenor of the response comments to the point. Another man scolds: “Your father is a liar! Are you proud of a father who lies over and over again?”

A third writes indignantly: “This is the most misleading tweet of them all. 1. Pfizer has completely distanced itself from your father. 2. Your father is the reason we have not yet controlled this virus. 3. Your father is the reason why 230,000 Americans died. 4. Your father lost the election. Your family is finished. “Melania Trump – First words after Donald Trump’s defeat (Twitter)

Critical comments for the President’s daughter

– “It’s a shame so many Americans had to die. He [Donald Trump] Could have done more, like social distancing and wearing a mask. In fact, he helped spread the virus when he held these huge rallies. Unbelievable!”

– “Even Pfizer’s CEO (…) said that Daddy had nothing to do with it. It’s ridiculous to try to do this as a [s]to represent an achievement. Especially since dad has spent all of his campaign events downplaying COVID and practically making fun of COVID. “

– “Scientists in Germany who immigrated to Germany from Turkey have discovered the vaccine. Pfizer partnered with them to make a profit. 100% of the praise goes to the scientists, neither to Biden nor to Trump, not even to Merkel (at least her openness allowed the immigrants to show that they too can shine). “

– “He hasn’t done anything like that! HE DID AND DO NOTHING! Except to stage photos of himself – that look like he’s doing something important – and watch TV after spending all morning to himself in bed to turn around. “

These are the facts

The Trump administration started Operation Warp Speed ​​in May 2020. It is intended to offer pharmaceutical companies incentives to advance the development of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. A Pfizer spokeswoman made it clear on Monday (November 9th), according to CNN: “We were never part of Warp Speed. We did not accept US government money or anyone else.” The US federal government has pledged Pfizer and its partner BioNTech $ 1.95 billion (1.66 million euros) to help distribute the vaccine once it is ready.

According to the New York Times, 10.3 million Americans have contracted Corona so far, including Donald Trump. Over 240,000 have died from the infection. The US president is criticized worldwide for his corona policy.

Sources used: Twitter, CNN


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