Radio presenter and Miss Finland of 2016 Shirly Karvinen stars in the super-popular Dancing with the Stars program this fall. The radio presenter, who is training with great enthusiasm, had a small accident last week, as a result of which he has had to take it a little calmer than usual in the training.

– The little hawk has visited, but luckily it hasn’t bothered him! sunny Karvinen notes.

– A week ago we practiced a jump trick, which in the final games was then left out of the choreography. In it, my flank took a bit of a hit. I don’t know exactly where it hit.

Side by side, Karvinen’s own hip or his dance pair shook during the dance exercises, Jani Rasimukseen with the consequence that it has been timid. It is now clear that the rib may be fractured.

– At first I didn’t react terribly to it, but I noticed that it was slowly getting sore. Now it has been symptomatic at times, and it turned out that it is probably broken, Karvinen says.

The joy of dancing

In the exercises, however, the wound has been taken into account, and Karvinen has taken painkillers when necessary.

– I’ve been taping it (ribs), I will try to be aware of it, and the choreography is done so that we take it a little bit in terms of iisimmin. It occasionally whistles a little, but thankfully it doesn’t stop you. It brings its own challenges, but we live with it, Karvinen says.

– Not that much trouble, as long as you don’t catch it too much and put too much strain or pressure on it.

Despite the fact that Karvinen’s rib is probably broken, the dance training continues as before. Next Sunday, Karvinen and Rasimus are to step on the parquet again, and the duo are looking forward to the dawn.

– This is by no means a downfall! Karvinen states happily.

Dances with the stars on Sundays at 7.30pm on MTV3.