In the Sunday Dancing with the Stars broadcast, the radio presenter and the 2016 Miss Finland Shirly Karvinen made a surprising revelation, implying that his relationship has ended in divorce. He was seen in a live broadcast sensitized to telling him that an important interpersonal relationship has ended for him.

– This dance is definitely for me the way I deal with my current life situation, Shirly began.

– Ending a relationship is always such a really painful thing, he continued.

Shirly said she is facing a move next week. In addition to dance training, next week the program will include packing the goods.

– Next week I will pack my life in boxes and go in my own direction.

Shirly sensitized to tears during the jury’s comments. As he walked off the stage, he was seen wiping his eyelids sensitized.

New life

After the broadcast, Shirly confirmed to Iltalehti that she had divorced her partner. He said he was positive about the future, despite the sad news.

Shirly Karvinen has previously said that she met her former partner at a date organized by her friend in the summer of 2018. The man has not been in public.

– This is where a completely new and new life begins. Maybe I’m experiencing it more at the moment as such a positive thing that now is a new time, he said.

Dance rehearsals have recently taken ideas elsewhere. It has felt good in difficult times.

– It’s actually nice. It has been painful especially this week, but it has also been therapeutic. Even now I have a super good feeling and I look forward to what the next week will bring when it comes. Now that kind of super-excited feeling has been found about this dance, he notes.

The radio presenter and Miss Suomi say that the idea of ​​her releasing the news on live TV only came up this week. The feeling since the news was announced has been relieved.

– This week there was such a feeling that now is the right time, and I think this was the right way to bring that thing in its own style as well. I am happy about the fact that we are doing this, Shirly says.

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