She talks about breaking up with Tim Burton

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Six years ago, Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton split. Now the actress illuminates the background.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter (54, “The Crown”) speaks in an interview with “The Guardian” about her failed love with director Tim Burton (62, “Dumbo”). The couple split six years ago after a 13-year relationship. Carter admits that the time after the split was not easy for her: “The cruelty of divorce is extraordinary.”

To love his children Billy (17) and Nell (12), whose upbringing they continue to take care of together, the ex-couple would have reunited over time. Carter is now enjoying the moments when the children are with their father and she can move around more freely. CARTER: The kids lead double lives, but it’s okay with them.

“I did not go”

Carter has agreed not to disclose the reasons for the separation with Burton – also because of the children. But she tells the newspaper: “I didn’t go, let’s put it that way.” The two were also a team professionally. Carter appeared in eight Burton films, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Sweeney Todd”. She always had to audition for the roles. CARTER: There wasn’t a free pass just because I slept with him.

During the marriage, the two lived in neighboring houses in London and were considered a lovable, eccentric couple. But at some point they couldn’t have given themselves any more, says Carter. The actress: “I think there is a point where people sometimes fit in for a period of time.” If the point is exceeded, it is better to let go. Carter has been with the psychoanalyst Rye Dag Holmboe (32), whom she met at a wedding, for two years. He is “magical”.


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