She shows her new dog “Butch”

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Mandy Capristo shows her new dog +++ Marina Hoermanseder: The designer shows her daughter completely +++ Verona Pooth: With this wow photo, she explains her love to Franjo

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

15. November

Mandy Capristo has a new dog

Mandy Capristo, 30, has been a proud dog mom since 2012, now she has. a second fur nose was added. In addition to Don Capone, the small family now also includes a Golden Retriever puppy who goes by the name “Butch”. But actually he deserves a completely different name, reveals the singer on Instagram. “Your name should actually be ‘Happy’ because that’s exactly how we feel with you. Welcome to the family, BUTCH. We already love you so much,” Mandy writes under a bunch of sugar-sweet photos that she has taken with her animal growth demonstrate.

And it is only to be hoped that Mandy is happy, after all, she has had to go through some dark phases in the past. “I find it very difficult to use the word depression because it is a very sensitive word. I would say that I definitely had moments of depression and I was not the happiest,” the 30-year-old explained in an interview with RTL. Today she seems to be doing better than ever – also thanks to BUTCH.

13. November

Marina Hoermanseder: The designer shows her little daughter

Marina Hoermanseder, 34, became a mother a few days ago: on November 6th, she gave birth to her daughter and the little girl goes by the sweet name Lotti Zoé Miami. So far, the designer has only published one picture of her baby’s arm. But the 34-year-old probably doesn’t want to hide her little one any longer, because now she shows her newborn completely.

Her daughter was born a week – a good reason for Marina to post a video of her offspring on Instagram: The clip shows Lotti slumbering and at the same time Marina’s followers get to see the girl’s face for the first time. “Words cannot describe what feelings you trigger in us, little Lotti,” the Austrian writes about the social media post.

But not only Marina fans are enthusiastic, numerous celebrities are also delighted by the sight of the cute mouse. Jasmin Wagner, 40, Cathy Hummels, 32, and Nikeata Thompson, 40, among others, commented on the video. The latter wrote: “Oh my god, she is beautiful. Congratulations!”

12. November

Verona Pooth: With this wow photo, she declares her love for Franjo

You just have to look at this Instagram picture of Verona Pooth, 52, and her husband Franjo Pooth, 51. Not only because the presenter and the entrepreneur look stunning, but because the news about the post couldn’t be more touching. The couple has been going through thick and thin together for 20 years, as Verona writes.

In the photo, the 52-year-old shines in a breathtaking dress, her hair is tied in an elegant bun at the neck. But it’s not just the outfit that catches the eye: It’s the loving look from Franjo that he throws at his wife. And the words that Verona Pooth chooses also go to the heart. To a red heart she writes: “[Liebe] is (…) to be grateful for what we have built up together as a family. “She looks forward to seeing her husband every day and has been since the year 2000.

Verona and Franjo Pooth have been married since 2004 and have two sons, San Diego, 17, and Rocco Ernesto, nine. The current couple photo is admired with enthusiasm by the fans. “Great picture of you” or “So sweet you two” and “Beautiful couple” are just a few of the numerous comments. We can only agree.

Angela Finger-Erben: She shares a rare snapshot of her two daughters

If the word “sugar-sweet” is true, then it actually applies to this photo: Angela Finger-Erben, 40, shares a rare photo of her two children on Instagram. Four-year-old Anna and her sibling Lilli, one of them, cuddle arm in arm in the garden. Equipped with headbands and in rain pants, the two girls enjoy their time together. And the RTL presenter couldn’t be more proud and happier.

“The important things in life” are the appropriate words Angela Finger-Erben chooses for this snapshot. Your colleagues comment with heart emojis and agree with the mother. “Hach, the two mice,” writes Vanessa Meisinger, 29, who only gave birth to a daughter a few months ago. Sabrina Mockenhaupt-Gregor, 39, comments on a simple “True”, followed by three hearts.

The “Guten Morgen Deutschland” presenter seldom gives an insight into her private life. The faces of their children are – as in the current picture – never recognizable. Angela Finger-Erben has been happily married to sports journalist Jens Diestelkamp since 2016. The family comes first for her, as she makes clear with such cute photos.

11. November

Amira Pocher shows the birthday preparations for her son

Amira Pocher, 28, has shown full commitment in her kitchen over the past few hours. Why? Your son is celebrating his first birthday this Wednesday. A special day, not just for your little man, but especially for the parents.

Oliver Pocher’s wife, 42, gives her Instagram followers an insight into the preparations for the birthday party. What should not be missing, in addition to gifts and balloons, is a colorful cake – naturally baked by the proud mom. Several layers of sponge cake are piled up alternately with cake cream. Here Amira Pocher shows a hidden talent, because the birthday treats for the family are impressive.

In addition to the steps that show how the individual ingredients slowly turn into a wonderful pastry, fans hope to discover even more in the photos. Because the cake is not only adorned with a teddy bear made of fondant, but also with the name of the son. Amira Pocher, who does not reveal any pictures or details about her child, pays attention to everything here too and covers the letters with heart emojis.

Regarding the contribution that shows the finished masterpiece and a black and white picture of the birthday child’s foot, she writes: “Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life !!! I would never have thought that I could love someone as unconditionally as I can You, little man! “

10. November

Victoria Swarovski is “lost in paradise”

This sight not only makes men’s hearts beat faster. Victoria Swarovski, 27, lolls lasciviously on the edge of an infinity pool in the Maldives. In the background: turquoise sea and a miniature island overgrown with greenery. Fantastically beautiful! The “Let’s Dance” presenter enjoys the warm rays of the sun, her slightly tanned dream body is covered in a tight yellow bikini.

“Lost in Paradise”, she comments on the almost coincidental insight into her exotic break in the Maldives – and we who have stayed at home are already dreaming longingly of a place under the hot sun. The angelic Victoria is welcome to accompany us.

Her fans go crazy with these sexy lingerie pictures

The fact that Rebecca Mir, 28, is particularly good at showcasing clothes is part of her job as a model. But even with a lot less fabric on her body, the wife of Massimo Sinató, 39, looks amazing – in the truest sense of the word. With a lot of seductive nothing on the body, the model has recently shown herself on Instagram – no wonder, Rebecca is the new face of the lingerie label Hunkemöller. And the recordings are impressive!

Whether elegant in black lace in bed or with a hot bustier and suspenders on the piano – Rebecca knows exactly what she’s doing there. And their fans? They love the sexy photos and shower Rebecca with compliments. The 28-year-old now puts an end to the rumors of pregnancy that keep sprouting up with the sexy campaign pictures once and for all, as there is absolutely nothing to be seen in the photos of a baby bump!

9. November

The sugar-sweet autumn shot warms fans’ hearts

Annemarie Carpendale, 43, and Wayne Carpendale, 43, have a picture-perfect relationship with son Mads. The couple regularly lets their fans participate in their everyday life on Instagram, and the little man is not neglected either. With his curls and cute outfits, the 2-year-old is already a little star on his famous parents’ Instagram channel.

He also made it to one of his mom’s recent Instagram photos. The Carpendales took advantage of the wonderful weather last weekend for an autumn excursion. The Carpendales enjoy a tour by boat on the water. The fans are delighted at this sight.

“A very magical family,” enthuses an Instagram user. “Pure harmony, beautiful photo,” adds another. And this follower is also very enthusiastic: “You are and will remain a great family”, she lets the Carpendales know.

BS family Carpendale

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