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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Jenny Elvers posts a picture of her breasts +++ Adeline Norberg: worry about Mama Claudia! Now the Wendler subsidiary is reacting.

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

October 2nd

Jenny Elvers: She shows her breasts on Instagram

Jenny Elvers, 48, suddenly became famous at the tender age of 22 when she strutted across the prison yard in a short dress in the film “Männerpension” and bared almost everything for a few seconds. In her most recent post on Instagram, the actress shows her breasts today – but as a painting. The ex-wife of Goetz Elbertzhagen, 61, is committed to a good cause!

In the course of an event of the painting course provider “ArtNight” Elvers painted an abstract version of her bust size and tagged it with the hashtag “Love your boobs”. This is an “ArtNight” campaign to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer prevention in October, the month of breast cancer.

In addition to Jenny Elvers, other celebrities also took the brush in their hands and immortalized their bust size on the canvas: Chethrin Schulze, 28, and Jasmin Wagner, 40, were there. In addition, “ArtNight” donates 19 euros to the Breast Cancer Association Germany for each of these motifs that will be painted this month. V. People like to show their painted breasts for such a good cause.

October 1

Adeline Norberg: Worry about Mama Claudia! Now the Wendler subsidiary is reacting

What’s wrong with Claudia Norberg, 49? Since July 31, there has been silence on the Instagram account of the former jungle camp participant. The wedding of her ex-husband Michael Wendler, 48, and Laura Müller, 20, who took the name Norberg after the wedding, as well as the subsequent conflict with daughter Adeline, 18, may have affected the 49-year-old more than previously assumed. The fans are worried on Adeline Norberg’s Instagram account.

Under the latest post from the 18-year-old, a fan wants to know: “Are you still in contact with your mother? How is she?” Adeline answers the user briefly: “Everything is fine”. The Wendler daughter ends the statement with a laughing smiley. Adeline apparently does not want to reveal any further details. It remains to be seen when Claudia Norberg will contact her fans with an update …

29. September

Daniela Katzenberger: She’s getting into trouble for this supermarket outfit

Daniela Katzenberger, 33, is known for kidding herself. She regularly provides her community on Instagram with funny postings from the everyday life of an overtired mom. But the wife of Lucas Cordalis, 53, also presents herself as a glamor queen now and then. In her latest collage, Daniela Katzenberger unites these opposites.

On the one hand, Katzenberger can be photographed in a seductive cocktail dress while she struts along the supermarket aisles. On the other hand, the 33-year-old shows herself without make-up and worn out in leopard leggings. She asks: “And what type of shopping are you?” And puts a laughing emoji afterwards. For both photos, the cat pulled its mouthguard up to its chin – and that is causing a lot of trouble now.

Some followers are particularly attentive and want to point out the mistake to the reality star: “Dear Daniela, the mask belongs on the nose,” one of them comments on the post. Others express themselves in a harsh tone: “The main thing is to take a great photo for Instagram in the supermarket. You just pull the mouth and nose protection down there. I have to wear my FFP2 mask for several hours in the practice, but I do it with pleasure. Safety first. ” But there are also users who defend Katzenberger – after all, she is alone in the supermarket and quickly pulled down the mask just for the photo.

Michael Wendler: disclosure book! Does he fly out of the DSDS jury?

It’s no secret that Michael Wendler, 48, and his father Manfred Weßels, 72, are not on good terms with each other. After the relationship between Michael and Laura, 20, was announced, his father accused him of a PR scam. But that’s not all. Manfred Weßels had already announced on Instagram weeks ago that he wanted to write a book about his son. “Today, I wrote my first article of my book with my co-author. I’m already looking forward to the fact that the truth is finally coming to light,” he told his followers at the time. And that could cost Michael Wendler dearly, because if Manfred Weßels has his way, his son has no place in the DSDS jury.

“I’ll make sure that he is thrown out of the jury,” says the dad according to “” to “Closer”. “I’m turning 73 and still have to drive a truck every day, and I owe that to his greed for money,” the allegations said. “His life consists of lies and deceit, until today! (…) When I see that, I get sick,” says Weßels, who wants to see his son in court.

“He broke with his whole family, even with his grandparents, as well as with everyone who told him the truth in his face. And you will soon be able to read all of that!” The 72-year-old announces Bear the title “The truth about my son Michael Wendler”. Nothing is known about the date of publication. It remains to be seen whether Michael Wendler will take action against it in time …

28. September

Michael Wendler: Was the DSDS juror afraid of Dieter Bohlen?

It was the surprise of the year when it became known that none other than Michael Wendler, 48, would have a place in the DSDS jury alongside Dieter Bohlen, 66, Maite Kelly, 40, and Mike Singer, 20. But the pop star had great respect for the new job, as he now revealed according to “Promiflash” at the DSDS press conference.

“When the request for DSDS came, of course, I immediately thought of Dieter and hoped: ‘Oh God, oh God, oh God, I hope it will work out. I hope I like him, I hope he likes me'”, said the “No matter “Interpreter. But all the worries were thrown overboard when he first met Dieter for dinner. A stone fell from his heart.

At the end of the press conference there was a declaration of love for the chief juror: “I really have to say that Dieter is a very, very nice person, whom I like and appreciate very much and above all his competence, which we all cannot achieve”. A true friendship seems to have developed.

Natascha Ochsenknecht: Difficult farewell to your daughter

How quickly time flies: Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, 20, was just the cute chick of the actor family, but the model has fledged for a year and already lives in his own apartment in Berlin. Mama Natascha Ochsenknecht, 56, now has to be really strong, because now it’s time to say goodbye again.

Uwe Ochsenknecht’s ex-wife, 64, shares a selfie with her daughter on Instagram. Under it she writes: “Time to say Goodbye My sweetheart is leaving Germany. Love You.” Because Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is moving abroad with her boyfriend. But neither of them reveal where the 20-year-old is headed. “In any case, the child is no longer around the corner from me,” said the mother of three in an interview with RTL.

The fans also notice that the baby has now become a grown woman. “The pink stroller … that was yesterday,” remarks TV journalist Martina Taubert. “Oh yes .. as a mom it is really bad at the beginning .. You know that they will be great, but you are always worried ..”, feels a follower with Natascha Ochsenknecht. We wish both of them that they survive the time well apart from each other!

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