She had a miscarriage

Duchess Meghan had a real nightmare in July: Prince Harry’s wife suffered a miscarriage. She communicates the experience to the public herself.

Duchess Meghan, 39, lost a baby. In July of this year, the wife of Prince Harry, 36, had to experience what every pregnant woman is afraid of. She is now making this public in an article she wrote herself.

Duchess Meghan has lost her second baby

In an honest article that appeared on the New York Times website, the former actress describes what she experienced in July. She writes that she was changing her son Archie, one, when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach. This was so strong that she fell to the ground – with Archie in her arms. Meghan seemed to have known immediately that this couldn’t mean anything good. She writes: “I fell to the floor with him in my arms and mumbled a lullaby to calm us both down.” She apparently knew immediately what was going on in her body:

As I clutched my firstborn child, I knew I was going to lose my second child.

“Losing a child means an almost unbearable grief”

In her article Meghan writes that she is still suffering from the loss of her second child, at the same time she criticizes that the subject of miscarriage is still a taboo, that far too few admit to having lost a baby: “A child to lose means feeling an almost unbearable grief that many experience but that few talk about. ” She and Harry would have learned first hand that far too little was being discussed about it – high time to change that. “In the pain of our loss, my husband and I discovered that 10 to 20 of them had miscarried in a room with 100 women. But despite the harrowing commonality of the pain, the topic remains a taboo, permeated with (unjustified) shame is and continues the cycle of lonely grief, “writes Meghan, pointing out the danger of finding the grief for your dead child with yourself.

Second baby for Meghan and Harry

It’s no secret that Meghan and Harry can imagine a second baby. However, it was not known that the 39-year-old was actually pregnant. Further details, such as what week Meghan was when she lost the baby, are not known.

Source used: New York Post


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