She compares users of social networks with drug addicts

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Duchess Meghan drew the bold comparison during the virtual summit of the next generation of the most powerful women of Fortune on Tuesday afternoon – an online event reserved for invited guests who were willing to pay a fee of 1,480 euros.

Meghan, 39, spent much of the conversation discussing the dangers of social networking and making a bold comparison between online users and drug addicts.

Although Meghan ran a personal Instagram account and lifestyle blog called “The Tig” for many years, she insists that she no longer uses social networks.

The royal family calls it “the institution”.

Before deleting her Instagram account in 2018, Meghan had more than 1.9 million followers. She also used Twitter and Facebook. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, 36, had an official Sussex Royal Account together, which was closed after they left the Royal Family and moved to the United States.

“We had an Instagram account about ‘the institution’ and our office in England. But we didn’t care for that ourselves, it was a whole team,” said Meghan, adding that she made a personal decision, not an account today to have more “.

“Everything I do is for Archie, our son,” says Meghan.

Referring to her 15-month-old son, she explains, “As a parent, I can enjoy all the fun, silliness, and games with my son. But as a mother, I feel obliged to make the world a better place for him that’s an attitude I share with my husband. “

“I worry about people who are obsessed with social networks and for so many people it’s a huge part of our daily culture – it’s an addiction.”

She then shared many personal aspects of her life, including food and vacation photos, and even alluded to her relationship with Prince Harry in the earliest days by sharing a photo of love hearts shortly after the couple first met.



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