She can finally be happy

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Sandra Bullock had to take many setbacks. Now she is more satisfied than she has been in a long time. How did she do it?

Sometimes she has to smile when she romps around with her two adoptive children Louis, 10, and Laila, 8. Smile at their own unimportance. “I’m just number two for my kids, and that’s because I finally have the right man by my side,” says Sandra Bullock, 56, in an interview with the US magazine “Instyle”. The right person is the photographer Bryan Randall, 52. The actress has been with him since 2015. “He’s so loving. Bryan is number one for the kids. But I get it because he’s funnier and has better snacks.”

Sandra Bullock: Your children are your greatest happiness

In New Orleans, far from Hollywood, the family has set up an idyllic home. It is no longer her work as an actress and producer that is in the foreground for the Hollywood star with Franconian roots. Most important to her today are her children, whom she describes as the love of her life. Emotional errors Sandra Bullock has been through numerous confusions. Her relationships with Matthew McConaughey, Tate Donovan, and Hugh Grant did not last long. Her five-year marriage to Jesse James, 52, left huge emotional scars. The motorcycle freak with a built-in bad boy image had betrayed her several times, later he even publicly gossiped about their time together. In 2010 the marriage was divorced. Sandra Bullock got up again. She made sure that her emotional wounds could heal, remembered what was important and reevaluated her life. With success.

The Hollywood star has been happy with the four years younger photographer Bryan Randall since 2015.

“I just live, and much more intensely than before”

She received great recognition in 2018 for the Netflix horror thriller “Bird Box – Close your eyes”. Not only did Bullock star, but she was also a producer. It worked so well that she got another job. She is currently filming an adaptation of the British miniseries “Unforgiven” in Vancouver. Bullock plays a double murderer who has to find her way back to life after leaving prison. The American is interested in such multi-dimensional figures. “I’ve experienced a lot and don’t have to prove anything to myself, I’m less driven than before,” she says today. “I still like to work, but no longer at any cost. I just live, and much more intensely than before.”


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