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The partner of the “father of heavy metal” suffered gender violence and gave details of that terrible incident.

In 1989, immersed in drugs, Ozzy Osbourne tried to kill his wife Sharon.

In an interview with the newspaper The Sun, Sharon recounted the scene of the incident in which the father of heavy metal almost ended his life.

She had already put the couple’s three children to bed. And she sat down to read a little. There, Ozzy entered the room and sat opposite her in an armchair.

Sharon recalled that her husband “He was at a stage where he had that look in his eyes …”. Then he simply said: “‘We have reached a decision: you have to die.'”

Before Sharon had time to defend herself, Ozzy lunged into her chair and began trying to strangle her. She described him as “very calm” as he pinned her to the ground.

Fighting for his life Sharon managed to hit a panic button. Police arrived quickly at the Osbourne house.

Beyond the violence of the attack, Ozzy said he felt calm.

“I felt calmer than ever in my life,” he explained. “I was at peace,” he lamented.

The former Black Sabbath frontman woke up in Amersham jail, England, with limited recollection of what had happened, and a police officer informed him that he had been arrested for attempted murder.

Then, did a rehabilitation treatment for six months and the couple managed to overcome the incident. Now They have been married for 38 years.

In early 2020, Osbourne posted Ordinary Man, his twelfth studio album and his first in ten years.

The memories of his days as a cocaine addict are present in the album. The song It’s A Raid evokes an incident from when he was playing on Black Sabbath.

“We were working on Vol. 4 and we had rented a house in Bel Air. He was sitting at the table with a large bowl full of cocaine. It was hot and I pressed a button on the wall thinking it was air conditioning. Ten minutes later, I see six patrol cars appear. He had pressed the alarm button ”.

The anecdote continues: “Then I shouted: ‘It’s a raid!’ I took the drug and locked myself in a room to take it all. I felt nothing. My nose was all powdered. THis eyes were this big. Then they told me that everything was fine, that it had been a false alarm. It was very hard. I had to take a Valium to relax. “

In February this year, the singer revealed that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, the disease that led him to cancel a tour of the United States. “I didn’t say it before, but I have known for 18 years that I have Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed in 2003 and I kept playing. The problem I have now is this discomfort in my neck since I fell and had to operate. I still can’t walk well ”.

The album has several songs with a funeral theme, but Ozzy says it has nothing to do with his age and health: “My best songs are always about death.”


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