Shaquille O’Neal YDwyane Wade they shared a chat with businessman Daymond John on “Entrepreneur’s Day” to talk about finances and how they managed their sudden fortune when they became basketball professionals.

And, as they admit, they didn’t do very well. They both agree that they went crazy and started spending large amounts on luxuries without taking into account taxes and other fixed expenses that they would have to bear.

“My bank manager told me to stop spending like crazy or I would go broke for nothing,” explains Shaq, revealing that spend a million dollars in just one hour.

“Expensive cars, jewelry and a trip to Las Vegas,” explains the former Lakers. A million an hour, which, he admits, is not at all approvable behavior.

“We hope that our mistake can teach the players who start now,” they both commented. Wade also admitted that he made several bad investments by being carried away by “bad relationships”.