Sfeiropoulos: “Olympiacos is different this year – Sloukas is in very good shape” | NBA

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Giannis Sfeiropoulos spoke about the upcoming match of the 4th game of the EuroLeague against Olympiakos at SEF (16/10, 21:00), with the Greek coach referring to the many changes of his former team, but also to Costas Sloukas.

Details of what the Maccabi Tel Aviv coach said:

“Olympiacos is different compared to last year. Although they lost the first match, they have made a good momentum. We need to improve. We lost the last two matches at the last minute. We need to go with a different approach and fight more so that the game does not go again at the last minute. The mistakes we made yesterday (against Bayern Munich), we have discussed in training since the beginning of the season.

I do not think that so far there is anything complicated in our game. We need to do simple things better. It is not a disaster that we lost two matches. We have to find a way to win the matches. Last year we lost for 4 points in 34 seconds at SEF, while Olympiakos also had the ball. We got that game. When playing in Devil’s Week, all players must be ready. We will be more and more ready as the season goes on.

Sloukas is in very good shape. It gives extra things to Olympiakos. We must be focused on the branding of Sloukas. But we respect all the Olympiacos players. They are fast and athletic and we must be ready for all the tests that will put us “.


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