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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Sony Kraus: This sexy throwback makes fans freak out +++ Marie Nasemann: This news inspires the new mum +++ Sarah Lombardi: Sweet moment! That’s why Alessio has so much fun

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

6. November

Sonya Kraus drives fans crazy with sexy throwback

Sonya Kraus, 47, has been successful on TV for over 20 years. Her time on “talk, talk, talk” is particularly stuck in her head. Not just yourself, but also your fans. Sonya now remembers those flashy times with a pretty sexy throwback photo. Because what would “talk, talk, talk” have been back then without the revealing outfits and Sonya’s long legs, which she had crossed each other in a particularly graceful manner ?! “Can you remember? When the skirts were still short, the cleavage was deep and the face was wrinkle-free …” writes Sonya Kraus under the two photos that were taken in the TV studio.

In the photos, the presenter is wearing a red summer dress that perfectly highlights her assets. She shows a lot of bare skin and of course her long legs are also shown to their best advantage … The fans like it! At the sight of the pretty blonde in earlier times, you literally freak out, shower her with compliments, but also emphasize that Sonya by no means has to mourn the past, after all, she is still an eye-catcher! Celebrity wow bodysuits women over 40 (1127811)

5. November

Marie Nasemann is happy about this “cool news”

Marie Nasemann, 31, is a little over six months, now the proud mom of a little boy. As much as she enjoyed her pregnancy and the first six months as a mom, there was one thing she was missing … But now the time has finally come. Marie shares her beautiful news via Instagram, which are making her shine so brightly: She fits into her favorite jeans again! Of course, the pretty blogger has attached photos to prove it, not without a little joke that mums in particular should understand.

Marie Nasemann can hardly believe her luck

“My good news of the day or should I say of the month? I fit into my favorite jeans again. There are carrot stains on them, but I’m still happy!” Writes the Berliner by choice and gets a lot of approval for her honest posting . The joy of being able to wear her favorite jeans again can be seen in Marie. We can understand … Baby delivered, pounds gone … Baby pounds (26243)

4. November

Sarah Lombardi: Sweet moment! That’s why Alessio has so much fun

That was actually planned differently. Sarah Lombardi, 28, and her boyfriend Julian Büscher, 27, returned to their Toyota after a walk on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne when their trip came to an abrupt end. Car workshop instead of an excursion!

The front tire of the car was flat, a towing service needed. Shortly afterwards a van arrived and took the car to the workshop. While Sarah Lombardi and her boyfriend looked towards the repair with mixed feelings, little son Alessio, five, had a lot of fun.

Alessio in the workshop
Alessio in the workshop

In her Instagram story, the singer shows how the little man lets off steam in the workshop and looks at all the tools under the supervision of the caring mom. No wonder, children don’t experience such an excursion every day!

3. November

Yvonne Catterfeld is horrified – and Samu Haber is to blame

He is a real heartthrob: Samu Haber, 44. In “The Voice of Germany” the hearts of the attractive Finn fly to. There is only one lady that the former “Sunrise Avenue” frontman apparently can’t score with: Jury colleague Yvonne Catterfeld, 40.

After Samu Haber and his jury partner Rea Garvey, 47, buzzed a young artist into his team, the rock musician can no longer contain himself. The 44-year-old celebrates his joy with a special dance in front of Silbermond front woman Stefanie Kloß, 36, and ex- “GZSZ” star Yvonne Catterfeld. But she is anything but enthusiastic about the lap dance.

Horrified and slightly disgusted, she gets smaller and smaller in her jury chair and even shudders. Can Samu Haber handle this rebuff? After all, Stefanie Kloß is happy about the dance – and certainly also one or the other audience in the audience and in front of the screen.

2. November

Dieter Bohlen + Carina Walz: Has the couple been married for a long time?

In the past there has been much speculation about a possible marriage between Dieter Bohlen, 66, and his girlfriend Carina Walz, 36. The DSDS juror and the 36-year-old have been a couple for 14 years and have two children together. On his Instagram account, the pop titan keeps his fans up to date with videos from his everyday life. Carina is almost always there.

Since Dieter Bohlen discovered Instagram for himself, he has also revealed one or the other detail from his private life. Only when it comes to marrying the mother of his two youngest children, the 66-year-old keeps a low profile. But the fans want to know more precisely and do not stop asking questions, as Dieter lets his followers know on the popular social media platform.

Apparently, most Instagram users want to know whether he and Carina are actually married. “So many questions about it …” explains Dieter, but he still owes an answer to his community. “Would it make a difference?” He simply asks back.

At a lecture in the Olympiahalle in Munich, the “Supertalent” jury let his audience know: “Carina is my better half. I wouldn’t let cameras in again for my wedding. I would get married in such a way that nobody would notice.” Who knows whether the dream couple will still quietly and secretly say yes in the future.

Sophia Thomalla greets in latex – but the fans are bothered by one thing

When Sophia Thomalla, 31, Throws yourself into latex pants, wears high heels and looks seductively into the camera, then one thing is for sure: it will be hot! Because the model can really wear anything. And Sophia has that now proved with her latest Instagram posting.

Sophia Thomalla poses all in black on a leather sofa. Her pink highlights in her hair shine. The fans are crazy about Sophia. “Grenade”, enthuses one excitedly at the sight of the model.

But not everyone has eyes for the style of the native East Berliner. Some followers are bothered by the background of the Instagram recording. The wall is decorated with the works of the Austrian painter and action artist Hermann Nitsch. Not easy fare for the mind. Your followers also criticize that.

“Nitsch’s background images are disgusting! Is that supposed to be art? Why are you so into blood-smeared art?”, An Instagram user asks the 31-year-old. Another is deterred. “The background is disturbing!” Is the angry comment. As always, Sophia Thomalla takes the criticism calmly. “Howl” was the model’s brief reaction.

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