sexual harassment as a workplace culture

Marco Tullio Giordana has become the spokesman as director, together with Cristiana Capotondi as interpreter, of a cry of pain against the injustices that women suffer every day in the world of work. The film is called Nome di donna.

The status of women is discriminated against every day in the workplace. Gender equality is an increasingly pursued goal, fortunately also by men, but the definitive change in society is yet to come.

Name of a woman, fighting the culture of harassment

Help can also come from artists and cinema, he is convinced of this Marco Tullio Giordana, who directed a film denunciation entitled Woman’s name, written by Cristiana Mainardi as well as by the director himself. To embody this fight against harassment, he thinks about it in the film Cristiana Capotondi, as a single mother facing an established culture of sexual harassment in her new workplace.

At his side of Michela Cescon, Valerio Binasco, Bebo Storti, Anita Kravos e Adriana Asti, who earned a Silver Ribbon nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the role.

Woman’s name, the plot

Nina leaves Milan for a small Lombard village, where she starts working in a renowned clinic and home for the elderly. At first everything seems to go in the right direction, until the working reality shows a dark side: the consolidated habit of sexual harassment by the director Torri (Valerio Binasco). Before her, in fact, she has a long series of abuses that have followed one another over the years. Nina refuses, and is put up with a very unpleasant mobbing. She rebels, but neither the union nor the judiciary do her justice.

Later, thanks also to the help of a priest, in the past unable to help a woman like Nina, who suffered violence from Torri, he decides to do everything to to go all the way with the issue, to get once and for all the recognition of violence and justice. The central moment of Woman’s name it will then be a trial, first public and then behind closed doors, an opportunity to finally confront the reality of Torri and the culture of harassment, experienced as if it were natural.

Name of woman, the trailer


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