In the final moments of the match between Real Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao from First Iberdrola, the medical assistants had to enter the field but not to attend to one of the soccer players, but to the referee Sara fernandez.

The referee ended up lying on the ground after receiving a very strong shot in the face after the shot from Maite Oroz, who sought to tie the match for the rojiblancas.

This video, like many others, was commented on and shared by a twitter account, @FCBSeny, which is dedicated to talking about Women’s Football. Among the answers came the controversy: many of them were macho, which generated enormous outrage among fans who read it.

Although some only criticized the position of the referee (since it should not be in the path of an eventual shot) as they would with a referee, many others (most, men) belittled her for exaggerating or being a woman.