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The Bavarian team prevails in extra time with a goal from Javi Martínez to an Andalusian team that took it to the limit and had a golden option from En-Nesyri to win the title

There are ways to live. Ways to dream. Ways to suffer and also ways to compete. Sevilla is unique in this last concept. Clinging to that competitive instinct, to that incredible collective belief that it is not inferior to anyone and never gives up, the Andalusian team gave a life lesson against a giant like Bayern Munich in a European superfinal in which they only fell in the extension. That fighting gene of Sevilla is translated into a term so traditional, so old and outside the canons such as caste. Installed in that conviction, Sevilla heroically fell against a Bayern superior in football, but which they pushed to the limit. With the 1-1, En-Nesyri had the victory in his boots in the 87th minute. Neuer cut off the Sevilla dream. En-Nesyri’s tears at the end of the match proved it. Bayern threw a large squad in extra time and Javi Martínez ended the resistance of Sevilla. All as a result of a corner kick product of the only error in defense of Diego Carlos and, in general, of his entire team. Sevilla fell with great honor and although they were inferior to Bayern in football terms, they showed that they are a very difficult team to beat. Sometimes the mystique is almost superior to the enormous football display of a team with Bayern benefits.

There is a moving point in Sevilla’s way of competing. An indomitable character that allows him to stand without complexes in the final of the Super Cup against the best team in the world. Probably that impudence and that incredible courage can lie a good part of their successes. Sevilla is not a colossus man for man. It even has obvious deficiencies in attack to rub shoulders with the elite. But compete like a gladiator.

The Bayern staging was scary. The champion of the Champions does not speculate. In two minutes he was planted in danger in the Bono area. And it was enough for Sevilla to play meaningfully once to seriously reach the goal of the German giant. Bayern are so confident in their superiority in attack and their powerful physical intimidation that they concede behind. Thus, a ball into the Navas area was transformed into a delicious drop from De Jong to Rakitic. Alaba ran him over and Ocampos scored a penalty.

Bayern did not expect the blow. But it is a machine. He found relief in a resurrected footballer, Müller, who moves at his own pace and who is indecipherable. With Kimmich well supported by Rakitic and Jordán in the pressure, it was Müller who found the holes to create danger. First it came to an auction that Koundé saved. Then he gave a magnificent pass to Pavard, who threw out. He was still able to block Diego Carlos so Lewandowski was left alone against Bono, who stopped his attempt at Vaseline.

Sevilla was unable to keep the ball in the face of the German barrage, powerful in physical deployment, a true pylon hammer that found, once again, the magic formula for its problems in Müller. His pass with the inside to the area was very well touched by Lewandowski after a great uncheck. Goretzka finished at pleasure with Rakitic and Fernando overwhelmed. Sevilla managed to reach the break with the draw. With more mystique than game and organized behind, he was weathering the storm as best he could. It is very difficult to defend yourself with order in the face of such intensity.

Lopetegui’s group improved in the second half. He left with the intention of having more the ball and telling Bayern that it was time to lose respect for him. Neuer made the first stop of the night after a Escudero center that Süle diverted. More whole, with an immeasurable Fernando, Sevilla suffered less against Bayern. Logically, the German champion had his options. It was the moment when Bono emerged to cover Gnabry. Then, the VAR annulled a goal by Lewandowski for a fair offside of the Pole. Sevilla was saved. And he was able to fly in an En-Nesyri race in the 87th minute. The forward was left alone before Neuer and the goalkeeper, a world champion, clipped Sevilla’s wings with a huge stretch.

Those of Lopetegui pressed in the beginning of the extension and Jordán had a good option. Sevilla couldn’t take it anymore. Flick put all her artillery with Davies and Javi Martínez. The Navarrese caught a punt by Bono and the Sevilla dream vanished.


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