“Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, to the Minister of Culture Bogdan Gheorghiu, to the Deputy Prime Minister

Raluca Turcan, dear lady, dear gentlemen,

I have learned that the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Romanian Government, has developed a draft state aid scheme to support the cultural sector, whose activities have been stopped to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

But I was surprised to find that artists are not included in the Government’s plan. Reading the five measures covered by the state aid scheme, I noticed that they are addressed only to cultural operators, organizers of festivals and cultural events, organizers of musical events and stand-up comedy, ticket sellers, booksellers and publishers, artists not included in none of these measures.

We believe that the existence of the cultural sector depends not only on event organizers, but especially on artists. Please include in the state aid scheme this entity as an eligible beneficiary of the amounts intended to help the cultural sector “, it is shown in the letter, which is signed by approximately 100 artists from Romania.

“Regards, yours,
Adda, Alb Negru, Alessia, Alexia, Ami, Amna, Anda Adam, Andreea Bănică, Antonia, Alex Mladin, Bella Santiago, Bere Gratis, Bogdan Gridan, Bogdan Medvedi, Carla’s Dreams, Cargo, Cezar Guna, Compact, Connect-R, Cristina Vasiu, Dara, Datina, Debu, Delia, Delia Rus, Diana Brescan, Direction 5, DJ Project, Doddy, Edward Maya, Edward Sanda, Ellianne, EMMA, Etno, Fidas, Florin Ristei, Florian Rus, Friends, Gabriel Huiban, Gipsy Casual, Gloria & Balkan, Gran Error, Holograf, Hevito, Ho-ra, Horia Brenciu, Hvnds, Inna, Iris – Cristi Minculescu, Valter & Boro, Iris – Nelu Dumitrescu, Ionică Moroşanu, Jo, Jerry-Co, Kempes, Lavinia Goste, Lora, Loredana, Marius Zorilă, Manuel Riva, Mark Stam, Matteo, Maximilian, Mellinna, Misha, Misha Miller, Mr. Vik, Narcotic Sound, Olivia Addams, Paula Seling, Puya, Ro-Mania, Roxana Nemeş, Roxen , Ruby, Sasha Lopez, Shift, Sickotoy, Smiley, Sonny Flame, Spike, Sylvia by dj Rynno, Ştefan Bănică, Tavi Clonda, The Motans, Tobi Ibitoye, Trooper, Vama, Viky Red / Pax, Vo ltaj, Vunk, wrs, 3 South East, 6teen “.

Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan announced on Wednesday that, following discussions with representatives of the Romanian cultural-artistic field, it was decided to implement a state aid scheme worth 100 million euros, in the form of grants.

The beneficiaries of the state aid scheme to support the cultural sector are private law entities that have been active in the last 2 years in the performing arts, visual arts, heritage, books, audiovisual and cultural education.

In order to benefit from this aid, all entities must register in the Cultural Sector Register, on the one hand, to know exactly the financial impact, and, at the same time, as a condition for pre-registration for these grants. Registrations can be made until November 25.