Dagens Nyheterin according to one in five elderly people living in care homes in the Stockholm area has contracted coronary infection. Seven percent of them have died of crowns.

The number of deaths varies greatly depending on which medical company was responsible for the treatment. Two companies, Familjeläkarna i Saltsjöbaden and Capio Legevisitten, accounted for a total of 90% of the medical care of patients in nursing homes.

Of the elderly cared for by Familjeläkarna i Saltsjöbaden, 24 per cent became infected and nine per cent died.

Similarly, 16 percent of Capio Legevisitten’s patients became infected and 5 percent of them died of COVID-19.

Visits were banned

Capion’s chief physician interviewed by Dagens Nyheter Margaret Danelius says infections could be curbed by banning visits to nursing homes at an early stage. Unnecessary doctor visits were also avoided.

Familjeläkarna, on the other hand, says the statistics are misleading. According to the company, they were treated by a large number of patients who already had a coronary infection and some of them died in a nursing home.