Seven coronavirus infections have been identified in the F1 series. The International Automobile Federation FIA reported on the matter on Friday.

One of the infected is a popular supplier working for the F1 series Will Buxton. He told about it on his social media channels.

– I would like to say that I am watching the Russian GP this weekend at home, because my corona test result was positive. This is again proof that rigorous F1 series testing works! I am grateful for this system and the F1 sarjalta for the support, Buxton write.

– I will send my love to the F1 series digital team and wish them the best race weekend. I am now focusing on keeping my family in shape and healing myself. Hope to come back soon.

The FIA ​​did not provide further information on whether the drivers or other staff were infected. The drivers are presumably not infected, as everyone drove normally during Friday’s free practice.

According to the FIA, 18-24. In September, a total of 3,256 coronavirus tests were performed on drivers, stables and other staff.

The FIA ​​publishes a weekly bulletin on the F1 series coronavirus situation.

The F1 series will be run this weekend in Sochi, Russia. Up to 30,000 spectators will be admitted to the competition.

Time trials will start on Saturday at 14.55 Finnish time. Iltalehti makes live monitoring of the times and the competition in textual form.