A Josep María Bartomeu dwarfs grow. He FC Barcelona is immersed in a institutional and, especially, economic crisis, as it confirmed that it has suffered losses of almost 100 million due to the coronavirus pandemic and that drags an accumulated debt of almost 500.

Therefore, he made official through a statement the beginning of a process of “modification of working conditions due to ordinary causes derived from the serious decline due to the pandemic ”.

Although the measure affects to all club employees and athletes, a priori the members of the lower categories from juveniles downwards will be exempt.

From now on a period of two weeks of consultations to present the measures to the Works Council, with the aim of reaching an agreement, although in each department it will be treated differently, as happened with the ERTE that was carried out during the State of Alarm.

In this situation, different discount percentages and with a special section for athletes of the first soccer team, which accepted a drop of 72% of your salary.

The new measure of Barça goes further, since it intends to extend the sale throughout the season, with the challenge of saving almost 80 million euros, which causes some discomfort among employees since the club did not hesitate to invest more than 10 million euros in the incorporation of Brazilians Maia Y Matheus.