The SM League saw plenty of goals on Saturday. KalPa knocked out HPK 5–1, Lukko defeated KooKoon 4–1 and Jukurit HIFK also read. Jukurit took the full three points for the first time this season.

Jukurit, who is a series jumbo, was able to surprise HIFK, who suffered injuries, for the worse time, as the home team hit three hits in the opening round.

At the end of the match, HIFK applied for a reduction of six against four. Otto Koivula ran inside the puck and after video review the hit was accepted. Jukurit did not let the Helsinki residents into the game, but added the lead back to three goals Jesper Piitulaisen with excitement.

The brightest star of the people of Mikkeli was the NHL-washed Vitali Abramov. The Russian striker opened the goal account with a superiority goal and pressed the puck to the goal a second time just two minutes later. The third hit was Teemu Pulkkinen handwriting.

Abramov has arrived in Jukuri from the Ottawa Senators organization. The Russian striker played two matches in the NHL and otherwise in the AHL last season. The pace of goal has been tough as he has already scored four goals in two matches.

For Pulkkinen, the goal was the first of the season.

Ugly Taklaus

No goals were seen in the second round, but the hit wasn’t far at all when To Johan Motin whistled 2 + 10 minutes from the side order. Motin just drove Abramov ugly from his back to the edge. The Russian striker collided with the edge of the head above.

Jukurit turned the superiority really ruthlessly and the people of Helsinki had a full job to keep their goals clean. Abramov was on a distinguished road constantly, and the hat trick was not far off.

HIFK suffers serious injuries, with as many as 13 players on the injured list. Three new names were added to the list on Saturday when the attackers Jesse Saarinen and Juho Keränen as well as a defender Joonas Lyytinen are sidelined by Jukurit.

– I’ve never been like that. Yes, that’s a wild amount, HIFK’s head coach Jarno Pikkarainen was in pain on Friday.

From zero angle in

In Hämeenlinna, KalPa took a rude 4–1 victory. The third hit from Kuopio was special because it was a league debutant Jesper Mattila put the disc in from the dead corner.

Aapeli Räsänen got the puck from the angle twist for himself and fed the puck to Mattila. The 23-year-old defender shot directly at the goalkeeper and the puck went in. At first, the players didn’t even seem to notice the hit, but the referee seemed to have the puck in the goal.

The hit was Mattila’s first championship league career. The second goal saw the light of day just a minute and a half later.

Mattila has played for the last four seasons at Boston University. His first SM league season is underway.

Underpower paint

In Rauma, Lukko won KooKoon 4–1. Eetu Koivistoinen scored the first two goals in the opening round, but the third went to Anrei Hakulinen.

Koivisto’s second hit was particularly stylish, as it was born of underpowering. KooKoo played superiority as the puck bounced off the team’s defender skates Sebastian repolle.

Repo went through and made some handsome delusions, but the puck didn’t go to the finish line. The game bounced off the KooKoo goalkeeper from Victor Brattström directly to Koivistoinen, who was waiting in front of the goal and put the loose puck inside.

Hakulinen, on the other hand, managed to lurk on the back pillar and put the puck in the second installment with superiority.

KooKoo managed to narrow down the game with Trevor Mingoia’s goal.