The Real Madrid has confirmed the bad news that the discomfort suffered by Sergio Ramos in the match between Spain against the German team. The physical tests to which the one from Beds has been subjected have revealed that he suffers a fibrillar tear in the biceps femoris of the right leg and its availability will be “pending evolution”.

The captain retired in the 40th minute from Spain – Germany suffering from a sore back of the thigh, when the scoreboard already indicated a resounding 3-0. However, what seemed like an overload has turned out to be a hard blow for the madridista defense that trembles every time the ‘4’ is not there.

Ramos is assured of will lose this weekend’s duel against Villarreal and the match against Inter Milan, key in their aspirations in the group stage of the Champions League. We will have to see how his leg evolves so that he can be against him Alaves at the meeting on November 28.

However, currently bets on prudence and that he is absent from the meeting to fully recover his leg, as it is a muscle injury of a soccer player who is around 35 years old.