Sergio Ramos has become a legend of the Real Madrid, a club he arrived at in 2005. The center-back is the current captain of the white team and with his shirt he has achieved all possible titles, although has never denied its beginnings in the Sevilla. That is why he did not hesitate to mediate in a tweet pique between the club in which he was formed and to which he currently belongs.

The defender was one of the star signings of Florentino Pérez 15 years ago, when barely I was 19 and Madrid paid 27 million of euros for him. Since then he has signed a brilliant career full of titles and milestones, both collectively and individually, without forgetting that in this time he has also won two Euro Cups and the 2010 World Cup.

In Madrid he has such consideration that the club’s Twitter account joined the last viral challenge in which it is necessary to upload a current photo and a past photo (“How it started. How it goes”) publishing an image of his presentation and another from this season.

However, this publication was not liked by his old club, which responded through his Twitter to highlight that the history of Sergio Ramos footballer began at his club. Thus, he put a tweet explaining “that’s how it really started” along with an image of the soccer player in his early days as a Sevilla player.

Of course, the central camero itself stepped out of this pique to put peace between both clubs with a publication in which bluntWell, he uploaded an image of playing with a ball as a child.

“This is how it really started,” he stated. Sergio Ramos in a tweet in which he said “I love you both, Real Madrid and Seville.”