The future of Sergio Ramos it is in the air, to this day. The captain of the Real Madridyou have not signed your renewal with the white club, something that if it does not occur in the month and a half that remains until January 1, 2021, will allow you to negotiate with whoever you want to go for free in June of next year.

The white captain, at his 34 years, maintains shape and performance, although already beginning to show signs of wear after so many years at the highest level. Although it is indisputable for Zinedine ZidaneHe is aware that he already has more past than future in the world of football, and he may not have many more opportunities to get a contract from another team at a good level if he wants to try out.

Offers are not lacking. His good friend’s Inter Miami David Beckham is tempting him to change LaLiga for MLS, where he would meet again in the locker room with Gonzalo Higuain. The city, the possibility of professional growth of his wife Pilar Rubio or that his children grow up in the United States can be arguments that help take him there.

In Europe it has a poster, and far from it in smaller teams. According to AS, Sergio Ramos has received a tantalizing call from PSG: three-year contract at 20 million per season. As in the case of Miami, Paris is a very attractive city for both him and his family, although here the language and the difficulties of adaptation would be more problematic.

Ramos’ first choice is, however, renovate. He wants to continue at Real Madrid, because his intention is to retire here, but not to everything. Aware of its market value, the Madrid central defender will not accept a downward renewal either in token or in years of duration, and this is where the main difficulty lies: the club offers you one year contract plus an optional one, and he wants at least two fixed years plus one more.

This negotiation has been underway for months, although the Ramos environment has always well related to the media, is in charge of filtering the offers that come from outside. Florentino Pérez he is well aware of it and counterattacks with the same, which adds to a sea of ​​rumors each renewal of his captain. It already happened in the past with the alleged offers of Milan, but the soap opera ended in the signing, with photos and posing, of the continuity of Ramos.