Sergio Perez was left with the shortest stick in the F1 series transfer roulette. The Mexican driver had a two-year extension contract with Racing Point, but the team decided to replace Sebastian Vettel for next season.

The transfer of the four-time world champion next season to Aston Martin in a changing team was confirmed in early September. Perez commented at the time that he had been informed of the kicks just hours before the team’s official announcement.

Perez has been indignant at the situation. According to him, the attitude of Racing Point has completely changed since the acquisition of Vettel.

– After the news, some people inside the stable have started to hide things, and that is not a good thing. At the moment, we need to be as transparent as possible in order to achieve our goal of getting as many points as possible, Perez said. According to

– We’ll focus on the next eight races. It is vital that we get all the possible points for the manufacturers championship.

It seems that Perez has become a persona non grata, an unwanted person. Kimi Räikkönen once experienced the same situation at Ferrari when Vettel was the team’s Ykköskuski.

Now Vettel himself is in the same situation. Ferrari will put bangs on Charles Leclerc, who will continue in the stable until at least 2024.

The German driver’s comments and team radio conversations have been chilling to hear this season. Vettel’s frustration can be felt until home spectators, while Ferrari accused the drivers in the early part of the season of saying “you did exactly what we forbade.”

Is the rumor true?

A story about Perez recently spread in public that he heard about his kicks through a hotel wall. According to the allegation, the loud speech of the owner of the stable, Lawrence Stroll, would have carried from another room to Perez’s ears.

However, the Mexican sloth refused to admit the case.

– I’m pretty disappointed that such things have come out of the garage or something. I think these things need to stay between me and the stable. I don’t give any information because things like that have to be kept inside the stable, he commented According to PlanetF1.

Perez was also asked at the press conference if he would resent Vettel.

– Yes, I hate Sebastian, he joked.

– Well, no, I have nothing against him.

For an interview

Perez’s secret comments didn’t go unnoticed by Racing Point, as the Mexican slacker was invited to discuss things across. Perez reported the situation on Friday on his Instagram account.

– I have known this stable for seven years and they are like family. I have spoken with the team, and they will accept my explanation. After seven years, we will not stop cooperating in bad spirits, the air will be completely cleaned, Perez clarified.

The F1 circus continues this weekend in Russia. Racing Point is making upgrades to Lance Stroll’s car, who is higher in the World Championship points.

Stroll is fourth in the World Cup, Perez ninth. The team’s ranking is fourth.