Sergio Maravilla Martínez will do theater and compare the ring with the stage

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The play, which the boxer will star in next year in Madrid, is called “Bengal” and tells the story of … a boxer “in free fall”.

In March, Sergio Maravilla Martinez, world middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council, will premiere in a room in Madrid the play Bengal, a one-man show written by Alfredo Megna and directed by Adrián Navarro.

My vocation as an actor began gradually, with the intention of doing stand-up humor monologues, back in 2008 or 2009. Over time, several opportunities appeared, first some short films in Spain, then some sporadic appearance in some Argentine series … “Martinez recalled.

On the links between Bengal, a boxer in free fall, and his success story, Maravilla expressed: “The nexus is boxing as a way of life and drive toward goals. Also, the parity in projection of dreams in youth, certain points of childhood, such as deficiencies, fears and defeats “.

Asked about the “stage fright” that a boxer can feel when exhibiting himself in front of his audience, he explained that the ring and the stage offer related sensations: “They are necessary ‘fears’ and as long as they do not turn into panic they will be positive. Something happens inside an actor as much as a boxer. “

For the director, “Sergio is a very curious, daring person, he puts his chest, clearly goes forward and, as a good athlete, is very disciplined. He is very attentive, listens, proposes and has an overcoming energy”.

“It is very interesting to work on this piece, which tells the story of a boxer with Sergio, precisely because it is a field that he knows perfectly. We are looking for the opposite of what he is, get him out of his devastating left foot and make him right-handed and in a more closed physical composition“added Navarro.

On the character, he explained that he is an individual beaten by life. “We could say that Bengala will have a match with a Maravilla Martínez who is willing to go for anything.. This character fights and faces all his ghosts. “

What does a boxer think while he is fighting in the ring? Maravilla replied with humor: “Thinking is inevitable, no matter how minimal, even if they are brief flashes of time, you come across ideas and / or moments of everyday life. For example, in a World Cup match, averaging the eighth round, I began to wonder if I was going to have grilled fish for dinner or to honor me with a barbecue “.

Navarro, remembered for his leading role in the film Oh, Juancito, said that being an actor gives him “certain advantages when directing to observe both sides of the situation, and fundamentally having gone through them artistically. My experience helps me to be the best possible director, with my tools, and taking what I had from the directors. that better flowed to me as an actor, and broadcast it “.

Bengal It premiered in 2007 with Néstor Navarría as the protagonist and Armando Saire and Leonardo Odierna as directors, it toured several Buenos Aires theaters and remained on the bill over the years, until the coronavirus pandemic forced the theaters to close.

“I look forward to the premiere, although I need to continue working hard, training, gaining experience to do and give my best on stage. There is a great little team, very united, and that is what will make Bengal it works from the beginning, “added Martínez, who this Saturday also premiered by streaming A wonderful plan.

Source: Télam.



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