Sergio Agüero introduced KRÜ Esports, his competitive video game team

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The official announcement was made through the Twitch platform and had audience peaks that reached 23 thousand users.

The forward of the Argentine National Team and historic scorer of Manchester City, Sergio “Kun” Agüero “, announced his official landing in the world of electronic sports, but not as a professional player as one could speculate a priori, if not as CEO of KRÜ Sports, the squad that will soon begin to compete in the video game of FIFA 21 virtual football.

After several days of promotion on social networks, this Friday the day of official confirmation arrived. The KRÜ presentation was made through Twitch, the Amazon platform that Sergio Agüero usually uses for his streams, and had audience peaks that touched the 23 thousand users.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the audience of video game broadcasts, popularly known as streams, to grow notably in the face of the lack of massive events and the need for isolation as a measure to avoid spreading infections.

This revealed one of Sergio Agüero’s hidden passions: video games, especially FIFA 20. Although the City forward could also be seen trying his luck with the shooter Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Fall Guys and even Grand Thef Auto V./em>. All through the SlaKun account on Twitch that has almost 2,500,000 users.

But as in his football career, Kun went for more. That is why he announced his official landing in competitive video games (esports) under the command of KRÜ Esports, his team that will begin to compete with a team of players in the main tournaments on the scene.

“I want to give my esports players the same treatment that they give me in Manchester City and that they take it responsibly. This is like a football club“Kun said during the online event that was moderated by Juan Pablo Varsky.

And he added: “I want the guys on the team to see me as one more, to know that I will be there for whatever they need.”

To take firm steps in a world that has more and more traditional sports figures, such as Ronaldo, Antoine Griezman, Gareth Bale or the Argentines Fabricio Oberto and Guillermo Coria, Sergio “Kun” Agüero sought advice from several stars of the streaming scene especially to the Argentine Martín “Coscu” Pérez Disalvo or the Spanish Ibai Llanos.

“Coscu is one of the content creators who knows best how to treat the streamer. He gave me a lot of advice when I started with all this,” he said during the stream.

As defined by Agüero’s own work team at launch, KRÜ is an organization focused on competitive games, content creation and the generation of entertainment-related events. “We want to join the global scene, accompany its development and growth, putting our stamp on everything we do,” they highlighted in the statement.

Initially, Sergio Agüero’s squad will begin to compete in the virtual soccer video game FIFA 21 from October 29, when the FIFA 21 CHALLENGE Preseason Invitational is played. In fact, according to Kun revealed, in the next few days it will be the presentation of the first of the players.


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