Serbian film director Goran Paskaljevic died

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It was at 73 years old. It was reported by the EFE agency. A review of his career.

The famous Serbian film director Goran Paskaljevic died in Paris at the age of 73, the Serbian daily Kurir and the Serbian news agency Tanjug reported on Saturday, citing his family and friends.

The filmmaker, who lived between Belgrade and Paris, died on Friday, but the news broke hours later, although no further details were given regarding the circumstances and causes of death.

Paskaljevic he was one of the best known directors in the Balkans: he was president of the jury at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2010 and his work El polvorín (Bure Baruta) was chosen by the critics as the best European film in 1998.

Born in Belgrade in 1947, the artist graduated from the Prague Film School and his first film was the short documentary Mr. Hrstka, 1969. That story was banned by the then Czechoslovak communist regime.

During his long career, the filmmaker directed thirty documentaries and thirteen feature films, as well as numerous television dramas and received Yugoslav, Serbian and more awards.

Your movie Time of miracles (A time of miracles) won the 1990 Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival and the Critics Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Magazine Variety International Film Guide included it between the five best film directors of the year 2001, and in 2002 he was the first director to receive the prestigious German Bernhard Wicki Award in Munich – The Bridge for his film How Harry Became a Tree.

His best known films, in addition to those mentioned, have been A lifeguard in winter (1976), The Dog Who Loved Trains (1977) The flow of earthly days (1979), Argentinian tango (1992) The other America (1995), A winter night’s dream (2004), Optimistic (2006), Honeymoons (2009), At the birth of the day (2012) and Land of gods (2016).

The drama Argentinian tango tells the story of a post-communist Yugoslavia, where a family struggles to get ahead and build a home. The eldest daughter is ill, and the son helps the mother who works caring for the elderly. Among them stands out Julio Popovic, who assures that he was and still is a tango star. Thanks to the boy, the elderly will regain the will to live.

“As an artist and a Serbian that I am, my obligation and duty is to speak up and denounce the things that do not work in my country. When I make a movie, it doesn’t respond to box office results, it responds to my own concerns and concerns. My intention is to portray, denounce and make known the problems that our society has been encountering, “he told the site The movie Ten years ago.

“This ideal of cinema is perfectly captured by Italian Neorealism. Films such as those by Rossellini or De Sica portray Italian society of that time much better than any documentary. As I have said previously, in these portraits I always put the human fact first to the political factor and in this sense, I am forced to denounce what does not work, “he said.



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