September is on the rise with the coronavirus on the rise

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September is closer and closer and infections by coronavirus continue to rise. The daily average of cases diagnosed in the last week rose to 4,618, 44% more than the previous one. In the last three days, 16,269 have been notified, more than 5,000 a day. The time to stop the outbreaks before work and school activity resume is over, although the Government still hopes to achieve it with the measures launched last Friday and those taken by the most affected autonomies.

“We are still in time to get to September reducing the transmission as much as possible,” said Fernando Simón in his appearance yesterday. His analysis is that the situation in Aragon and Catalonia is already under control, which shows that “The measures that have been taken in the two territories have been effective.” If the global numbers of contagion continue to grow, it is because in other highly populated areas, especially Madrid, transmission has increased, according to the epidemiologist.

“Madrid is in the situation that Catalonia was in a few weeks ago”, Simon admitted, for whom this community is “implementing powerful control measures”, although “in the coming days it will be necessary to discuss whether to do something else or not”, in view of the results of these.

Strong figures

All the figures corroborate the negative ‘sorpasso’ that Madrid has given to Catalonia. In the number of cases diagnosed 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, Madrid is at 141 compared to 73 in Catalonia. In this ranking it was the fourth community last Thursday and since yesterday it is the second, only behind Aragón (240). Of the more than 16,000 new cases notified since last Friday, 5,392 correspond to Madrid and 2,720 to Catalonia.

Despite these data, the leaders of the Madrid community have not been seen taking measures like those carried out by Catalunya, that confined the most affected area, Lleida, and recommended that Barcelonans not travel and not leave home except for the most essential issues, in addition to limiting the capacity of restaurants to 50%. Some measures that the Generalitat approved yesterday to extend 15 more days.

In Madrid, although with a long delay, a significant number of PCR tests have begun. 58,601 in the last week, by 59,198 in Catalonia. In several popular neighborhoods of the capital, such as Carabanchel or Usera, massive screenings are going to be carried out, such as those that the Generalitat is carrying out in various Catalan towns, although the method chosen does not seem to be very effective. Very few of the people summoned are showing up in Madrid. Nightlife will be banned several weeks after it was made in Barcelona and only once was decided by the Interterritorial Council on Friday.

Basque emergency

The performance of Madrid contrasts with that of the Basque Country which, although it has a lower incidence per inhabitant than that of Madrid, today declare the health emergency situation and will announce new measures, in addition to those adopted by all the communities.

Simon does not stop repeating in his appearances how important it is to get to September with transmission at lower levels. In a few weeks people who have been in different coexistence groups and in different territories will meet in the work centers and “this dangerous mix” will be much “more difficult to control”, something similar to what will happen in three or four week in schools.

The tenth in the world

Spain already has a total of 359,082 cases since the start of the pandemic. If a day ago it became the western country with the most infections detected, yesterday it occupied tenth place in the world, surpassing Iran (341,070).

The situation it cannot be compared for now to that which occurred in March or April. The lethality and severity of the infections detected is much lower because it affects especially younger people. The average age of those diagnosed in the last weeks is between 36 and 37 years old and because many cases are detected.

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During the peak of the pandemic, practically only those hospitalized were tested, while now 60% of those affected have not even shown symptoms. While in the last week 32,329 infected have been diagnosed and only 1,018 people have required hospital admission by covid-19 in the same period.



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