One of the hottest topics of the fall has been Konsta Hietanen, 35, which has been successful in influencing Finns from week to week in the Stars, Stars program. The ability of a talented singer to throw himself into one episode has been amazed very actively on social media, for example.

Although Hietanen was a surprise name in the star chart of the Stars, Stars program this fall, she has increased her performance skills since she was a child. Hietanen first impressed the general public with the Tenavatähti program in 1994. At that time, she eventually won the entire singing competition.

When Hietanen won the favorite show, you were piloted by a music advisor Seppo Hovi program. Hovi, who also succeeded as a pianist and conductor, says that he immediately remembers Hietanen’s years.

– I remember him very well, Hovi tells Iltalehti.

Dear football

It is particularly clear to Hovi that, although Hietanen already had the gift of performing as a child, football was clearly number one in the young boy’s life.

– For once, we started a concert in the afternoon, so Konsta had gone to win the tournament’s rows in the morning. He was a very talented guy in many areas, and football was a clear number one.

The music adviser nurtured hope that the boy would become a new star in the Finnish entertainment sky, but when he discussed the matter with Hietanen, the answer was always the same. Football was the most important thing to him. And the answer was the same every time.

– I asked him that many times.

Hietanen worked hard for her dream and got a job as a football player. This did not surprise Hovi at one time.

– I wouldn’t have predicted her career as a singer, Hovi says.

Hietanen played football as a professional in the Veikkausliiga in the ranks of FC Lahti and Myllykoski Pallo, until the end of his football career in 2013.

However, Hovi had thought that Hietanen could find his own path as a particularly versatile performer, combining the skills of music, stand up and troubadour in his work. Few would have the necessary abilities for this, but in Hovi’s view, Hietanen had all the necessary skills at a young age.

– He is such a hugely good performer, Hovi says.

A gift of imitation

Hietanen was already a child of humor, and the same twinkle in the corner of his eye has been noticeable in the Stars, the Stars program. In addition to the fact that Hietanen was proficient in singing as a child, Hovi remembers the imitation abilities of a young boy especially well.

– He is the only child imitator I have met who was able to imitate adults so that that child’s voice sounded just like an adult, Hovi recalls.

As a child, Hietanen likes to imitate, especially a politician Johannes from Estonia and former skier, Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi. Hietanen had, for example, listened to interviews with Finns suitable for imitation on television and memorized what they had to say.

– And they did!

– Especially women, she was able to imitate well with her boy’s voice, Hovi continues.

Despite the fact that a splash was found in the corner of his eye, Hietanen was not afraid to show his more serious side as a child. When the Tenavatähti program was in high demand in Finland, a debate arose regarding whether a career in entertainment that had already begun as a child could be detrimental to performers.

This was a lot of thought. Hovi wasn’t particularly worried about the boy, especially the brisk boy.

– They themselves were annoyed that their work was somehow branded wrong.

Humble grateful

Hovi last met Hietanen a few years ago at the Peacock Theater Jarkko Tamminen On the show, which starred in addition to the title performer of the spectacle Laura Voutilainen.

When Hovi saw Hietanen on the spot, a warm feeling came to him. Hopes that Hietanen would still be seen in front of large audiences arose.

– I thought he was in the right place to study how to do pop entertainment.

The essence of Hietanen had not changed at all, even though years had passed with a lot.

– He was quite similar in the sense that he seemed so humble grateful for his life, Hovi sums up.

When the new season of the Stars, Stars program started this fall on Nelonen, Hovi was in front of the TV. He has followed with great joy Hietanen’s successful sky in the program.

– I have a feeling that his voice is even more diverse than I could have thought.

And Hovihan had thought.

– Everything he has done in the program has sounded terribly good.

For future episodes, Hovi expects Hietanen to be seen interpreting the musical piece.

– It could be just right for him.

In recent weeks, numerous Finns have shown that they keep their fingers crossed for Hietanen’s success in the program. Seppo Hovi also encourages Hietä to win.

– Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for one of the most sympathetic and competent Puppy Stars of all time, Hovi says with a smile.

Stars, stars on Sundays at 7.30pm at Nelonen.

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