Sepla and Air Europa reach an agreement on the application of the ERTE to pilots

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The entire crew will be guaranteed 10 days of work per month to ensure a minimum income for the staff

The pilots union Sepla and Air Europa have reached an agreement on the application of the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) that affects practically all of the 650 pilots that the company has so that a minimum of 10 days is guaranteed of work per month to all those affected, thus ensuring a minimum income for the entire workforce.

The union points out that this will improve the situation of many pilots who have not flown since March and only receive the benefit of the public employment service (SEPE), which in many cases has taken months to arrive. Sepla admits that the approval of the airline’s rescue plan by the Government has accelerated the conversations between both parties until reaching an agreement on how to apply the ERTE due to force majeure, currently in force until January 31 waiting for the final decision on a possible extension.

The termination of the ERTE will be distributed proportionally to the activity carried out by the company. Thus, the more production the company makes, the more days of withdrawal will be applied to the entire workforce, according to the agreement. “Our intention has always been that the company’s production is distributed equally among all pilots, and Sepla has sought from the beginning solutions that alleviate the dramatic situation that many company pilots are experiencing who have not flown since March” the union said in a statement.

If the agreement is ratified by the pilots affiliated to Sepla (around 550), the union has promised to desist from the lawsuits filed before the National Court, including the challenge of ERTE due to force majeure. “Now comes the time for dialogue and to face our future hand in hand. Only in this way will we be able to overcome this crisis ”, said the same sources.

The Air Europa Sepla challenged the ERTE before the Hearing last July, considering that it was being applied arbitrarily and unilaterally, without counting on the workers’ representatives.

On November 3, the Council of Ministers approved the rescue of Air Europa with the injection of 475 million euros of public money on account of the new solvency fund aimed at supporting strategic companies that have been impacted by the pandemic of the covid-19. The operation will be carried out through the granting of a participative loan of 240 million euros and another ordinary one of 235 million, two instruments included in the fund’s regulation. Neither the Government nor the airline have made public the solvency plan that the company has had to present to access these aid.

In this regard, Sepla reported on Wednesday that it has repeatedly requested the aforementioned plan from the company and that, although its content is not exactly known, the management has expressed its intention to avoid definitive records of employment regulation among the workforce. of pilots. “We understand that the current moment requires efforts by both parties to facilitate the survival of the company,” the union reiterated in a note.


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