Jamie Benn begins a rhythmic applause that other Stars players join.

Joel Kiviranta, who has just scored three goals and decided the conference final place, will enter the booth. Embarrassment and perhaps even a slight redness can be seen on the face of a 24-year-old Finn.

It is even expected in the light of events. Kiviranta, who played in the Finnish Championship League in Vaasa Sports last season, got into the Stars lineup as if he was stealing on the day of the game, when Andrew Cogliano could not trough.

The end result was the first hat trick in the NHL playoffs stand-up game since 1993 and Wayne Gretzkyn.

Kiviranta was given a chance to change things around.

– We have a secret Finnish weapon here, Captain Benn smiled after the match.

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The other Dallas men were also excited about Kiviranta’s fabulous performance. Defender John Klingberg recalled that the sensation grips were much more admirable than the effectiveness at the finish points.

– If you’re immersed and watching his game, what he’s doing on the ice, how he’s playing with the puck, especially near the edges, it’s unreal. He will not lose any struggle. He deserves all the recognition he has received right now. I couldn’t be happier for him, the Swede was enthusiastic.

Kiviranta played 11 games in the regular season, but he spent most of the season at the AHL Texas Stars.

He was included in the playoffs as an emergency. Kiviranta’s player profile is well suited as a replenishment card for a strong team, which can be relied on despite the thin feel of the game.

– He’s not discouraged by anything, nothing. He’s an awesome little fighter, the Stars pilot Rick Bowness incense.

– Is it nice to see him get goals as a prize? Yes. Are we surprised by that? Yes. We expected such a contribution? Yes. That’s what we already saw when we played him earlier this year.

Mäkinen left the mittens

Kiviranta is not known as a goalie, but in Colorado he got a Viasat commentator Antti Mäkinen to mix totally. You can watch the steam after the extension paint in the video below.

The cabinet platform that decided the final place of the conference Andrej Sekera.

– It was a great pass from behind and maybe they lost me a bit in front of the goal. An unforgettable moment, Kiviranta is in the mood.

-I didn’t know what to expect from this day, because this was the first sevens game of my life. It felt like a normal game to me. It was pretty fun.

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