Semina il vento and Il Regno the two films of the second evening

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Producer Paolo Benzi and director Francesco Fanuele accompanied respectively Semina il vento and Il Regno, the films presented at the second evening of the Italian Film Festival.

A San Vito Lo Capo, with an enviable temperature of around 25 degrees despite the variable weather, the appointments with the Italian Film Festival. Sow the wind e The kingdom were the two films of the second evening of 30 September 2020, screened at the Municipal Theater “Frate Anselmo Caradonna” set up in the general quarter of the event.

The manufacturer Paolo Benzi has accompanied Sow the wind, second work of Danilo Caputo, a sensory film that invites the viewer to let go to get in touch with nature and the love for it that feeds the character of Nica, played by Yile Yara Vianello. “That’s why we entrusted the sound effects to a Danish sound designer, Peter Albrechtsen, which he also worked on Dunkirk“he says strips, who shows a rare sensitivity for a producer when he says, with his work and the responsibility that goes with it, that he wants to try to get out of the logic of consumption by creating films that are not just commercial products. Of course Sow the wind, produced by strips in collaboration with a French and a Greek company, it is an arthouse film that tells a story in which the sick olive trees of the land of a family reflect the failure of the same values ​​that the family has lost along the way. The film found an international distributor when it premiered last February in the Panorama section of the Berlin Festival.

Comedy, on the other hand, is a dive into a time far removed from our whirling contemporaneity The kingdom. Director Francesco Fanuele, here at the debut in a feature film, is a San Vito Lo Capo and explains how much the couple Stefano Fresi e Max Tortora were the real added value of the film. The story of the comedy places the two actors in a surreal medieval context, where time stood still in the year 1100 AD. “They laughed all the time and were almost unmanageable at first,” he says Fanuele, “they listened to me on set, but I was the first to say I felt free to come up with my own ideas.” The film is “blatantly political, so much so that it really isn’t” continues the director, stressing that it is more a story of paternal love that brings with it the question whether power no longer wears out those who have it than those who don’t ‘has. The kingdom it is available to rent and purchase digitally on the main streaming platforms, as well as being included in the subscription of Amazon Prime Video.

The Italian Film Festival, with the artistic direction of Paolo Genovese, is open to all free of charge upon reservation on the official website, where there is also the program of meetings and screenings until 3 October 2020. It is also possible to follow the live streaming of the afternoon appointments on the Facebook page of the Festival @festivaldelcinemaitalianoFCI.

Italian Film Festival: today’s program Thursday 1 October

  • 14:30 – 15:30 presentation and screening of short films
    – My thing
    – our time
  • 15:30 – 17:00 cinema conference
    Covid: what if it were an opportunity? Handbook for a cinema stronger than the pandemic
  • 17:30 – 18:30 documentary presentation and screening
    The Climat Limbo
  • 18:30 – 20:00 environment conference
    The causes and effects of the changing climate
  • 20:30 – 00:30 presentation and film screening
    – Romantic guide to remote places
    – The holiday

Below the trailers for Sow the wind and of The kingdom.



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