Selpic P1 comes to the market a portable printer in super mini size

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Born on the platform of crowdfunding of Indiegogo, where you can see some of the most innovative products on the current market, the one that at the moment is the smallest portable printer availableas it is about the size of a pen. It is presented as a solution for printing documents on any type of surface, your name Selpic P1.

It has been developed by Selpic Inc., a company in the digital printing solutions sector, and is configured as a mini device, which is used as a portable printer for work and leisure events. Among its possibilities is to print photos, texts and logos, and also stamp barcodes and QR codes on all kinds of surface. By its configuration it is enough powerful like to print even curved or uneven in an effective way.

Selpic P1 Features

The device weighs just over 90 grams; works with a 7 volt battery that allows 3 hours of use. Its resolution reaches 600 DPI and works with water-based ink, with bright and resistant colors. It is presented as an optimal solution in mobility.

The control app

The device works by means of a mobile app that is installed in the smartphone or on a computer (PC or Mac), from which the image or text to be printed can be uploaded. Once raised, simply press the print button on the Selpic P1 and hold it level on a surface while moving.

Printing typology

It provides a resolution of 600 DPI. The cartridges are equipped with 300 nozzles and 0.002 inch of nozzle spacing, each can eject 18 million drops per second.

This printer offers 8 colors of cartridges to choose from, to meet different demands for custom printing. It allows you to create striking effects either on dark or light surfaces.

Added values

A notable advantage is that you can print practically on all kinds of surfaces whether they are irregular or curved. You can also print vertically or horizontally, and you can even change the direction of printing to do it from left to right or from right to left.

You can work for three hours continuouss autonomously and charges with a USB-C cable. According to its manufacturer, on a single charge, the Selpic P1 can print more than 90 pages of A4 paper.

Print images with a resolution of 600 DPI and offers 8 cartridge colors, allowing you to customize it.

Greener bet

The Selpic P1 cartridges, and the printer itself, are made with a aluminum alloy and recycled plastics that do not harm ecosystems. It does not include components that affect the environment in one way or another, since its functionalities are achieved through software the programs.

The product in use

This portable device is compact, lightweight and easy, allowing you to print clearly on a variety of surfaces.
Due to its small size and weight, it can be transported in pockets, bags and briefcases to be used on the go.
It supports both horizontal and vertical printing. You can change the printing direction from left to right or from right to left.
It fits well in the hand, thanks to the pen-like shape.


The Selpic P1 is now available for a price of about 90 euros.




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