Seidl: Sainz has a talent for finding reasonable risk

According to Andreas Seidl, head of the McLaren team, according to the results that Carlos Sainz has shown recently, it is clearly visible why Ferrari decided to sign a contract with the Spanish driver.

This season is not going smoothly for Carlos, but already in four stages in a row he finished in the middle of the top ten and consistently earned points. In particular, in Turkey, where the race was held in the most difficult conditions, he, starting 15th, took 5th place, which allowed Sainz to rise to seventh place in the individual competition.

Thanks to the efforts of Carlos and his teammate, Lando Norris, McLaren is ranked 4th in the Constructors’ Championship, while fighting for 3rd, behind Racing Point by only five points.

“A race like that in Turkey only confirms what qualities Carlos has,” Seidl said. – From the experience of previous years, we know that he likes to perform in difficult conditions, on a wet track or in conditions of changing weather.

We understand that he has a special talent – he knows how to find the right approach and a reasonable measure of risk. He manages to keep the car on the track and at the same time make his way forward, win back positions and overtake. It costs a lot.

Again, when a pilot has been working for some time with the same engineer, with the same engineering team, this also has an effect, because in difficult conditions during the race they have to communicate a lot.

In addition, it is clearly visible that Carlos already has experience, since it is important to remain calm and clearly understand what is happening on the track – in the end, this helps to make the right decisions at the right times. He’s a great racer, which is why Ferrari decided to get him next year.

I also really like the approach of Sainz, the way he handles the situation with the team. He is fully committed to his work, motivates the whole team, which is very important, so I’m looking forward to the remaining three races that he will hold in our team. And I hope that next season we can get ahead of him! “



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