Xbox has officially announced the Xbox Series X and Series S, both consoles will be on sale in Mexico and other parts of the world on November 10, however, although this year we have not been able to visit the company’s offices to see how they were built and they designed the new consoles as it happened at the time with the launch of the Xbox One X, that does not mean that the people of Xbox surprised us with a new easter egg within both consoles.

When we met inside the Xbox One X We noticed that inside there was an engraving of Master Chief (the main character of the Halo franchise) mounted on a scorpion, since that console carried the code name of Project Scorpion until the day of the revelation of its official name. And to continue with these surprises, both the X Series and the S Series have a Master Chief easter egg engraved inside.

There is no doubt that Halo has a special weight on Xbox

In the case of the Xbox Series X, this easter egg was discovered since March when the famous youtuber, Austin Evans was able to get his hands on the Xbox Series X and get to know its interior, where he discovered that the new Microsoft console had the Master Chief’s helmet etched into the console fan.

But this did not end here, and Microsoft has also included an easter egg inside the Xbox Series S, and although there is no media or youtuber that has been able to access the interior of the console, the detail can be seen in the video that Xbox uploaded to his YouTube channel where he showed the interior of the Series S.

The user of Reddit known as Lyricalthunder found in the video that the S Series power supply had the same engraving as the X Series on the Master Chief’s helmet, which means that the last 3 consoles released by Microsoft have included an easter egg.

Unfortunately these details are not visible to the user unless they open the console, so they simply remain as an interesting and significant detail for fans of the brand and the game, in fact, this reiterates the importance of the saga for Microsoft, which unfortunately will not be able to release its latest installment along with the launch of Series X and Series S, since Halo: Infinite had to be delayed until 2021.

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