See trends in Iza’s look and other famous awards: ruffles, pink and more!

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The pink commanded the looks of the famous as Larissa Manoela, Agatha Moreira and Erika Januza in the Geração Glamor 2020 award, this Thursday (15). The event, shown exceptionally online due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, brought together celebrities who, from their homes, lavished attitude, style and sophistication on their productions. With the trend color of the moment as a rule of etiquette, personalities played in volume, asymmetrical skirts and fashionistas outfits. Stay on top of fashion!

Babado is featured in the looks of Iza, Larissa Manoela and more!

The frill shone in the productions of personalities like Iza, Larissa Manoela, Lucy Ramos, MC Soffia and Carla Lemos. But don’t think that the union of this volume with the pink resulted in ultra-romantic looks! In fact, the famous came out of the obvious and knew how to combine both trends in order to create a fashionista mood. The trick, in that sense, is contrast. To escape romanticism, invest in broader, sensual and maximalistic models. Big ruffles as opposed to a tight dress or sexy top is a hit!

Bet on the glow fabric like Thelminha, Julia Konrad and more

The glow fabric was also part of the look of the famous on the awards night. The winner of the “BBB 20”, Thelminha, and the actress Julia Konrad bet on a slip dress style, combining with shiny jewelry and a beaded maximal necklace. Glamor Garcia, on the other hand, chose a jacket with more structured material and transparent sheen to compose the look. Larissa Manoela and Agatha Moreira opted for a brighter material, satin style, with a smooth fit. Meanwhile, Pepita chose a velvet outfit.

Monochrome is almost a rule in the looks of famous

The pink monochromatic look was an almost unanimous bet among the artists who participated in the virtual ceremony. Isabella Santoni, Mariana Ximenes, Preta Gil, Fernanda Paes Leme and many others adopted pink dresses without prints and with a single color. In varying shades of the trend tone, they proved that monochrome fashion is far from going away.


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