The fall dates back five seasons Roope Salminen received a sentence today on Friday for coercing into a sexual act.

In addition to the fall, Salminen has played a major role in other MTV programs such as Myyrä, Vedetaan Hatusta, Enbuske, Veitola & Salminen and Hotel Swan Helsinki, and is one of MTV’s most prominent checkered faces.

The waterfall will return to the boxes in Allstars season format this Saturday. The season is only four episodes long, and it is known that the first two episodes date back Joonas Nordman.

But what about the last two episodes? Does Joonas Nordman host all the Fall broadcasts? If so, because the decision was made, Susa Valvio, MTV’s Director of Marketing and Communications?

-Only the performers of the first episode of the Fall Allstars have been announced, and the presenter is Joonas Nordman. The performers of the following weeks will always be announced at the end of each live broadcast, MTV’s Valvio will respond by email.

And how does the verdict received by Roope Salminen affect his visibility on MTV3? Salminen is one of Maikkari’s “faces” who is also involved in MTV’s commercials?

–MTV always takes seriously the criminal charges and convictions of people appearing on its channels. Each situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis and the presenter of each program as well as the performers of our channel are always the result of a holistic consideration. I will continue to do so, Valvio continues.

The answer to the specific question of whether a decision has already been made as to whether Salminen will be seen in the waterfall in the future or in other programs is a bit cryptic.

–Each individual production and its needs as well as the performers are the result of a holistic consideration. We do not want to speculate on the future, Valvio says.

According to him, Salminen has been in contact with MTV and has announced the verdict he has received.

Salminen received 70 daily fines for the crime, of which EUR 2,380 will accrue on Salminen’s income. In addition, Salminen was ordered to compensate the victim EUR 1,000 for the suffering.

The verdict is not yet final. Salminen has said that he is applying for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal.