The beginning of October is the “Golden Week” for the Chinese. In honor of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the citizens of the giant state will receive eight days of leave.

According to officially reported figures, coronary infections have been low in China since the spring. A few infectious thugs have been brought under control with rapid movement restrictions.

There are no large-scale travel restrictions, so hundreds of millions of Chinese have gone on holiday across the country.

A meter distance is required

Of course, the Chinese authorities are precise, and there is a social distance regulation in place at the Great Wall of China, for example. People should keep at least a meter away from others. However, as the pictures show, the order is not passed on.

During the Golden Week, the Chinese middle class has traditionally traveled abroad. This year, the Chinese have stayed in their homeland.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the first four days of the Golden Week saw 425 million domestic tourist trips.

“The virus is under control”

A 29-year-old who traveled from Guangzhou to Shanghai on vacation Chen Qianmei said CNNthat the Chinese are no longer afraid to travel.

– I think the virus is well under control. I use a face mask and wash my hands with disinfectant wipes, especially before eating. But in Shanghai, I noticed that few people wear the mask, Chen said.