26 years ago PlayStation broke into a video game console market that was dominated by Nintendo and its SNES.

One of the main aspects that distanced PlayStation of the SNES was the adoption of the format CD, which implied a new method to record game progress, since such action was impossible directly on the CD and there were still no hard drives built into the consoles.

That new method was the Memory Card and those who were users of the first PlayStation will know that these cards could be a real headache, as it was not uncommon for them to be damaged and for the files inside to be compromised.

Also, when entering the memory menu to manually manage files, there was always the possibility to accidentally delete one that was not intended to eliminate.

Losing files due to memory damage was out of our hands and there was nothing left but to resign ourselves, but lose them because of a finger mistake I was guaranteed such anger that we could explode like dynamite.

About this accidental deletion scenario, youtuber John Glasscock discovered, 26 years after the launch of PlayStation, a method to restore deleted files from memory.

Glasscock says that he did not find any official information from Sony on this, so he considers this method as a hidden feature which was also not retaken on PlayStation 2.

In the understanding that it is necessary to be in the memory menu (accessed by turning on the console with the Memory Card previously inserted and turning on with the cover open), a deleted file can be recovered pressing L1, L2, R1 and R2 at the same time immediately after it has been removed.

Glasscock did the test on video and it showed that after manually deleting a file, it was enough to press the four buttons to get it back. Look:

If only someone had warned us about this method more than two decades ago, how much courage we would have saved ourselves.