Electric cars cost more than fossil fuel cars, and that is a reality. It is also one of the reasons, along with the autonomy and the electric stations (or, rather, the lack of them) to doubt whether or not to buy a model with these characteristics. But it seems, in the second-hand market these arguments dissipate and drivers prefer to bet on electrified mobility.

When will the price of electric cars drop? According to a study, in 2024

According to a study published by Sumauto, the ‘Green Car VO Monitor’, a second-hand car Combustion takes 96 days to sell while an electrified one, only 86. This 10-day difference also stands out for the difference in prices. Usually, an electric model costs up to 62.5% more than conventional cars.

It is true that this price difference may not be an inconvenience to the buyer, since it is the second-hand market where it will predictably be much more affordable to acquire an electric model. The average price of this type of used car is estimated at 27,300 euros (an important pinch for any pocket), although depending on the type and make of car it can be a significant reduction.

On the other hand, this study calculates that second-hand diesel or gasoline vehicles cost around 16,800 euros on average, although according to October data from Ancove the average cost fell to just under 10,500 euros.

The highest prices correspond to second-hand cars with less use and less years old, a sector of the second-hand market that the government and associations strive to promote, as it would help rejuvenation of the automobile fleet. However (and mainly due to their low prices), the most sought-after car segment among used cars is those between 10 and 12 years of age.