Sebastián Yatra is 26 years old, with a premiere and without secrets: to bed with his parents, the “Tini-Danna Paola case” and “friend” Bublé

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The Colombian singer celebrates them with the launch of Ideal girl, talks about his collaboration with the Canadian singer and says that his thing is ballads.

Sebastián Yatra achieved international success thanks to the premiere of Treacherous in 2016. Four years later, the Colombian shows that can remain valid. Since then, his short but intense musical career has added several hits that reflect the ability to change of the artist.

The singer has already collaborated with musicians of genres that seemed totally alien to him. He did it with the Spanish Beret, Ñejo, with the Jonas Brothers and Maná, among others. And in that broad frame, their songs manage to sneak into the main lists musicals from Latin America, the United States and Europe.

In October he launched Elite, a song that he recorded with British Gary Barlow and Michael Bublé. It is a theme that takes him away from the ballads or reggaeton that his fans are used to. Yatra had confessed that singing with the Canadian was one of his big dreams. What he did not expect was that Luisana Lopilato’s husband would choose him to join this project.

“Singing with him was thanks to Argentina. I have a friend there who is very close to Bublé and his wife Lu, and he told him about my music. I was on Bublé’s radar. We have become very close friends since the pandemic began. We don’t know each other in person but it’s already like we are partners of life. Very bacano“, says the singer in a video call with Clarín.

“I’ve always been getting out of my comfort zone. I love it. Elite it’s a very different song than anything I’ve done before. Also, singing in English. It feels something new. I get into their world and that’s it bacano. When you pick up a song and say: ‘How am I going to make this cool!’ It happens to me with many of the collaborations. “

Despite the fact that most of his songs become hits, looking back, Yatra confesses that not very proud of some and that he cannot understand how he could have recorded them.

I have several songs that I think are terrible. I composed one that I was happy with the choir and I think manes with whom I wrote them were type: ‘This man what?’. I wrote There is no one else alone, and a couple of weeks later I composed Let yourself be loved, and I wondered: ‘How if I wrote the first one a few days apart, did the other one?’. But hey, they are things that happen in life, I was angry. One is not so objective, “monologue.

Although his compositions tend to flirt with the urban, Yatra prefers to go to the melodic. “When I want to do things one hundred percent personal, without thinking so much about what is going to happen with the song, I do ballads. It doesn’t come naturally to me to write a rhythmic theme. When I’m alone as a composer, the romantic flows through me. “

The singer, who received two Latin Grammy nominations, for Bonita In the Song of the Year and Best Pop Song category, he is very active on social media. Only on instagram has 24 million followers, for which you are always generating content and interacting.

Although most of the comments are to congratulate you, you have criticism to deal with as well. Lately, the singer, who turns 26 this Thursday, October 14, declared that around 2 in the morning he went to sleep in bed with his parents. That made the networks explode and the memes were multiple.

There (Argentina) they love to make fun. They are like me, I grab something and make fun of it. I laugh. It’s a little bit of karma. When they said that, I relaxed. I never see my parents in my life. Happy to have the opportunity to give them a hug, to share with them knowing that they will not be around forever … I am the first to go and I lie in bed with them, I tell them about life, I tell them about my problems, I ask for their advice and I fall asleep there. And it’s the best, “he confesses openly.

As soon as the pandemic began, rumors of separation between Tini Stoessel and Yatra they began to circulate with force. Although the protagonists preferred to call each other silent at first, it was the interpreter of Strawberry the one that announced the break. In March she had just arrived in Argentina, after finishing a tour of Europe, and he in his native Colombia. The uncertainty of when they would meet again played against.

“Obviously that is something that has to do, because we are in a moment of pandemic and one is not going to see it for at least six months or a year, and each one has their own things they are working on. And life is a lot to live in the present. But we also get to a point where everyone had different priorities for his life, his career, the love remains. I love her a lot, but we made a decision and we are calm about that and moving forward “, explains the singer.

The media and fans pointed to a supposed third in contention, who had a first and last name. It was about nothing more and nothing less than Danna Paola, the Mexican who managed to transcend the borders of her country thanks to the role in Elite, the series of Netflix.

Together they released a song called Don’t dance alone. “Nothing happened with Danna. We are colleagues, friends … There is mutual admiration. I hope we will sing again in the future, and I like it very well“, says the musician who claims to be single.

Beyond the field of controversy, again in the musical, to celebrate its 26th birthday Yatra launches a new single this October 14: Ideal girl. In addition, with his new job he reinforces the tendency to do it collaboratively with another artist. In this case the chosen one was Guaynaa.


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