Sebastián Villa started again in Boca, while his court case is still open

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The Colombian striker was chosen by Miguel Russo from the start, six months after his ex-partner’s complaint for gender violence.

More than six months have passed since Daniela Cortés, Sebastián Villa’s ex-partner, denounced the Colombian soccer player for gender violence. Boca suspended him, but did not separate him from the campus while the case is still open in Justice. This Sunday, the Colombian officially played again. He was a starter in Miguel Angel Russo’s team in the 2-0 against Newell’s in Rosario.

On his official comeback, Villa had some good starts, generally turning on the left wing. Taking advantage of the speed, his most distinguished characteristic in the game, the Colombian had a heads up that goalkeeper Ramiro Macagno stopped him at the start of the second half.

A few minutes later, a shot from the attacker went just wide. And later he left the goal served to Eduardo Salvio, but This did not define well.

Villa had another chance when he averaged the second half, with a right cross shot that goalkeeper Macagno took him to the side. And with three minutes remaining in the game, the Colombian was replaced. He played 87 minutes.

Officially, Villa did not enter a court since March 14 against Godoy Cruz in Mendoza, for the first date of the Super League Cup that was truncated. A month and a half later, he was reported by his former partner.

On April 28, Boca reported that it was “in contact with the player’s lawyers and representatives to deepen the episode and take the corresponding measures.” But they continued training and even played friendlies.

Although he did not participate in the first, since October 14 he has been doing so. That day Russo’s team faced (and beat) Arsenal 2-0 at the Ezeiza site.

In recent days, her ex-partner wrote on her Instagram: “I have always stated that the personal should not transcend the work.” And according to his lawyer, Fernando Burlando, it did not bother him that the footballer returned to play, something that finally happened this Sunday against Newell’s, while his case awaits a decision from Justice.

Last week it turned out that Villa was in a pre-list to be called up to the Colombian National Team. This generated discomfort in the environment of his former partner. “Villa has a problem with Daniela (Cortés) and suppose he is summoned to the Colombian National Team. Do you think that she can live quietly there? I guarantee you not,” Burlando said.

And he compared the situation of the National Team with Boca: “If Daniela were to say that it bothers her that he return, I knew what the attitude Boca was going to take. But in Colombia I don’t know what could happen. problem. Not for Villa, but for an obsequent “.

Meanwhile, Boca allowed Villa to play again, despite the protocols that already exist in various clubs in Argentine soccer for situations of gender violence.



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