Sebastián Villa and a possible higher offer from Brazil: from contradictions to Boca’s caution

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From the player’s environment they affirm that Atlético Mineiro will return to the charge with an important figure. Its president had had strong statements about the possible arrival of the Colombian.

The pass market in Brazil will reopen this Tuesday, October 13, and the transfer window will be extended until November 11. In this context, despite the fact that the president of Atlético Mineiro He had been final in ruling out the chance to incorporate Sebastián Villa, again from the player’s environment they say they have a new proposal from the club led by Jorge Sampaoli. Boca waits.

“The Atlético of the future needs solid pillars that go beyond the field of play. The commission and the Football Department have independence to evaluate and nominate, but the final decision is mine. It will not come.” was what wrote Sergio Sette Cámara on September 16 on the possibility of adding the Colombian striker, denounced in a case for gender violence.

It was curious that he wrote that message on his social networks after having sent Boca a proposal of 600 thousand dollars for a loan and then a purchase offer for 4 million dollars.

The concrete thing is that in Boca they were cautious. They appreciated the contact at the time and everything was diluted, while the position of keeping Villa on the sidelines was maintained in the Copa Libertadores matches. The striker trains and even participates in soccer rehearsals, but Russo did not mention him officially.

Now, Villa’s representative says he has a new offer that would be around 6 million dollars to buy half of the player’s chip, who has a contract until 2023 with Boca, owner of 70% of the pass.

Rodrigo Riep is the agent who carries out Villa’s career. It comes from having a pass market full of controversy and messiness, because it is also the representative of Juan Fernando Quintero, who left in conflict with River.

For now, in Boca they are cautious. They know that the transfer market will last until November and that with each rejected proposal, Atlético Mineiro always improved the figures in a significant way.

The 6 million dollars are also insufficient, in addition to the surprise that the change of look on the part of the president of the institution means. At the request of Sampaoli, however, the Belo Horizonte club also sent different economic proposals to various players at the beginning of the transfer market. Will Villa be one more? Does the former coach of the Argentine National Team think differently from the president of Atlético?

Meanwhile, the judicial situation of the coffee grower remains without resolution. The complainant, the player’s former partner, is still missing a final expertise and the prosecution has finished deciding whether or not the case is brought to trial. Now, from the player’s environment for the first time, they leave open the possibility that there is an agreement between the parties.



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