Sebastian Vettel I have Aston Martin shares

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Vettel will move to Aston Martin next season. Before the start of the stage at the Nurburgring, Sebastian said that he had bought shares in a British manufacturer …

Q: Sebastian, your only home race victory in Germany was at the Nürburgring in 2013. Are you excited about the return of Formula 1 to this track?
Sebastian Vettel: Of course, I have pleasant memories of my last visit to the Nurburgring, but quite a while has passed since then. The return of the German stage to the Formula 1 calendar was a pleasant surprise. The Nürburgring is a great track, but in mid-October we have to wear warmer clothes than a few weeks ago! But, we will have an exciting weekend.

Q: Have you ever raced the North Loop?
Sebastian Vettel: Yes. I first drove a circle on the North loop in a road car at 17. I had a frightening moment when the brakes failed at the Schwedenkreuz corner and I almost crashed the car! I attacked like I was driving a sports car, but mine was not designed for the Nordschleife! (laughs)

The track is fantastic, it would be great to race there one day. It is clear that for this you have to shift the asphalt and remove the bumps, but it will be cool. We’re talking about the best track in the world. The Germans really like the Northern Loop.

Question: Will it be difficult to warm up the tires in low temperature conditions?
Sebastian Vettel: We are waiting for the weather around + 10C. To begin with, you need to answer the question on which track you have to work – wet or dry. When it comes to tire temperature, it will be key. We tried to prepare as well as possible for the weekend, but how it will be in reality, we learn only on the track.

Q: Sebastian, next year you will be driving for Aston Martin. In addition to everything else, would you like to become an investor in this manufacturer?
Sebastian Vettel: I think everyone can do whatever they want with their money. Aston Martin is a public company, anyone can invest in it. If you ask me if I have shares in the company, then I will answer that I do. How many? This is the second question that I do not want to talk about.

I believe in the project, I signed a contract with them. I’m wondering what we can achieve together next year.

Q: On Friday, Mick Schumacher will hold his training session as part of the Formula 1 racing weekend. What advice can you give him?
Sebastian Vettel: I think he deserves the right to drive this weekend. I hope we will see him in Formula 1 not only tomorrow, but also next year. At least I wish him that.

Mick is having a great season, leading in Formula 2. As I said, I hope he guarantees his place next year. I like Mick and I’m sure he’ll do it right.

Q: This year’s results will affect how long the team can work in the wind tunnel next year, developing the car for the 2022 season. Given this fact, could Ferrari’s current league performance give the team an edge in the future?
Sebastian Vettel: At the end of the year, our relationship with the team will end, so I do not know how Ferrari will decide to act. These questions don’t bother me anymore. I’m not sure I know the regulations well, but Ferrari has enough resources to remedy the situation.

Of course, we are having a difficult season, and it is not so easy to fix the situation, but I have no doubt that everyone is waiting for the return of Ferrari.

Q: Do you regret that due to your transfer to Racing Point Sergio Perez may be left without a place in Formula 1 next season?
Sebastian Vettel: I don’t know how many vacancies there are now. I don’t know with whom he is negotiating, and I don’t know if he is definitely leaving. It will be a shame if he leaves – Sergio deserves the right to compete in Formula 1.



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