Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, 23, drove fourth in the Portuguese GP on Sunday. Teammate Sebastian Vettel, 33, was overtaken in the round and finished in tenth place.

Vettel spared no words In an RTL interview but wondered why the young Monaco driver is constantly faster than him. The four-time world champion hinted that there would be something rotten in the situation.

– It is obvious that the other car is much faster. Where do I waste my time? I’ve bitten my tongue the whole year. Some idiot would never come up with a reason, but am I a complete idiot? I doubt it.

– At some point, there should be such luck that you can drive in the same way. I will never get to that limit. If I can, I will have a lot of trouble. On the other side of the stable, the job seems easier.

The German driver fell several places down at the start. He feels that getting up from points of discipline was a good accomplishment.

At the same time, a big difference to a teammate eats self-confidence.

– I focus on myself, but this hurts. Especially because my own expectations are higher than the expectations of outsiders. This is difficult for me to deal with, because I am ambitious and I want more.

Full collision

Vettel’s comments soon also bore hard on Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto. According to Binotto, Leclerc and Vettel drive exactly the same cars, and it’s not about favoritism.

– Seb’s and Charles’ cars are identical, no doubt. I sincerely hope that Sebastian drives Imola better in time and shows in the race what he is capable of, he says Sky Sports to Italy.

– Charles is very good, but maybe we expect more from our other driver.

Ferrari is sixth in the manufacturers ’World Championships, but the race for third place occupied by Racing Point is just 33 points away.

Leclerc is fifth in the World Championships with 75 points. Vettel’s ranking is only thirteenth.

The F1 season continues on the Imola track in Italy next weekend.