Fans of the Oulu Flies would definitely like to see Sebastian Ahon to confirm the incoming Fly League team later in the fall. However, that is far from certain at all.

– I don’t want to arouse such hopes. I have not had any discussions in this direction. I don’t even know how that whole thing would go in practice, I don’t know what it requires, Aho tells Iltalehti.

Practically all Finnish superstars would be interested in playing at some level in the breeders’ club, in familiar landscapes in front of acquaintances and friends. Aho is no exception.

– I don’t deny, it would be nice to play with Flies. But like I said, there has been no talk of it. Now the fall is progressing with an internship and information is expected from North America on various issues. There is nothing revolutionary here.

Uncertainty is detrimental

23-year-old Aho played 68 NHL regular season games last season, scoring 66 power points. Currently, the striker is doing a tight “summer training” in Oulu with other local NHL men.

– We have a good team here. Peksi Rinne is at the finish line and has reached the ice well. In addition to ice training, I have pounds and speed training in the program. Pretty normal rhythm has been reached here.

The uncertainty surrounding NHL issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic is somewhat detrimental to Hurricanes disc virtuosity.

– I have to admit that if there were clear dates for what to aim for, it would be better. It was pretty much the same thing in the spring, it wasn’t known when the series would go on, or if it would go on at all.

– The mentality is that whenever the NHL starts, then you are in the best stroke. But this is not an optimal situation. The main thing that you can train healthy is to knock the tree right so that it continues like this, Aho says.