Sean Connery has died. The actor who gave life to the first filmic incarnation of James Bond He died in his sleep at his home in the Bahamas. Had 90 years.

Connery had a filmography in which there was space for different genres and proposals, but the mark he left on pop culture as the spy licensed to kill always accompanied him.

The Scottish actor played the spy in seven tapes, of which some are considered among the best of all the character’s filmography. One of them is 007: From Russia with love, the second Bond film, released in 1963 and the one that four decades later led him to get directly involved with the video game.

With the James Bond license in your hands, SHE released games with original plots, as well as adaptations of existing films. Among the latter was that of 007: From Russia with love.

EA’s decision to make a movie that had more than 40 years first time it was strange, and it was even more the conviction to bring back Connery, who since the 80s did not give life to 007.

To that it was necessary to add that 007: From Russia with love It is not necessarily a tape with a waste of action sequences that would yield to be transferred to the interactive format.

What EA did was to adapt both the plot of the soap opera from which the film was derived, such as the movie itself, but added cutscenes to make the game more action-oriented.

In addition, he added elements that were seen in other Bond films, such as the jetpack of Operation Thunder.

And to give it all the validity that an adaptation of 007: From Russia with love required, the company had not only the appearance of Connery from 63, but also with his talent of voice.

All the spy lines were recorded at Compass Point studios in Nassau by the Scotsman, who said in this regard that as an artist he saw in the video game a new way to explore the creative process.

‘The video game they are a form of entertainment extremely popular nowadays and I want to see how it all comes together in the end ‘, said.

From Russia With Love arrived in November 2005 to PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox.